osc is a table-lookup oscillator.

fmpair is a table-lookup FM oscillator.

rline is a random line segment generator.

peakeq is a peaking equalizer filter.

bigverb is a digital reverb algorithm.

dcblocker is a DC Blocking filter.

vardelay is a variable delay line.

phasewarp is a filter for warping a phasor signal.

modalres is a resonator filter.

bitnoise is a 1-bit noise generator.

valp1 is a virtual-analog 1-pole lowpass filter.

chaosnoise is a chaotic noise generator.

oscf is a table-lookup oscillator with floating point precision.

bezier applies a bezier curve transformation to a normalized ramp signal.

expmap applies an exponential curve transformation to an normalized ramp signal.

phsclk converts a phasor signal into a clock signal.

phasor generates normalized periodic ramp signal.

swell is a smoothing filter for control signals whose smoothing amount changes based on the direction.

biramp converts a phasor ramp signal into a ramp that goes up and down.