[8bcd8316] 2022-07-06-10-20: create a (workflow) page.

[bb6df6d4] 2022-07-01-10-56: new page related to (zetdoc): (zetdoc_index).

[89e3c564] 2022-05-21-10-54: create page that outlines pen-and-paper to zetdoc workflow

[e0a49c06] 2022-01-11-09-37: did some fancy janet magic to rework the (glossary) log page into something more useful.

[17beafe1] 2022-01-11-09-15: turns out the wikizet table has built-in rowid. very handy for quick deletion/edits of stuff.

[583bdb51] 2022-01-10-17-22: new page for hardcastle 1990 book on speech synthesis: (hardcastle_SPASM)

[dccde584] 2022-01-10-16-38: slightly reworking the landing page. It needs more. Map building is still something I need to work on in general with these wikis.

[cfc5f245] 2022-01-09-13-06: implemented some initial metapages via page-amalg. A dynamically generated list of log pages can be found here: (logpages).

[4856c461] 2022-01-05-11-16: added (wiki_index) page.

[416423a4] 2022-01-05-11-12: not sure why this (rustbook) page renders small text on mobile. stupid web.

[50b4b507] 2022-01-05-09-50: new pages added: (rust), (rustbook), (rustlog), etc. going to be very rusty in the months to come.

[af7b8bc9] 2021-04-26-08-27: it turns out google docs does a decent job at converting tex generated PDFs to itself. This is great! It means I can use TeX/BibTeX with my application, then manually transfer it. it's like typesetting, or worse.