This is an experimental meta page that will query the meta group in the internal zettelkasten of this wiki.

2023-06-24 15:52:45: new pages today. (ortho33) input system, which prompted a page for the (bnr1) rotary encoder.

2023-02-11 15:49:29: added a (gamelog) page to keep track of video games I play

2022-10-12 07:18:17: some initial documentation on the SQLite format that (worgle) can export to: (sqlite_export_worgle)

2022-10-09 10:24:59: split up zet tsv like in brain

2022-10-05 06:14:07: brainstorm: when to use brain and when to use wiki?

2022-05-19 09:48:12: how page amalgamation works on this wiki: (page_amalgamation)

2022-05-14 17:19:13: update gesture page

2022-03-28 09:54:32: updates to (gesture) page. trying to solidify the concepts I'm working on.

2022-02-25 17:35:06: created a labels meta-page for my brain (zet). The automation of things coming together is quite satisfying.

2022-02-04 11:47:55: create seqvm wiki page

2022-01-14 21:37:10: rephasor has been completely reworked to have autosync support. It is now much more robust and useful.

2021-11-14 07:19:40: thinking about the notion of a (hypertypewriter), especially how it can used to make sound in a so-called "live coding" scenario.

2021-11-11 10:28:07: added an update log to (musigram). looks like this will be a project for (projects)

2021-10-25 13:08:54: new algo for (sndkit): softclip applies soft clipping to an input signal using a tanh approximation. There is also a drive parameter so it can be used as a saturation/distortion effect.

2021-08-31 13:15:13: word vomit on (gesture) today. needs more work.

2021-08-23 20:54:47: some initial pages on some concepts I've been developing: (gesture) and (temporal_weight). more words to come soon hopefully.

2021-08-23 20:47:34: finally broke down and made a (monolith_TODO) page.

2021-07-24 16:22:15: (grid_tutorial) is a rough draft for using the monome grid with C, similar to how it is done with (monolith).

2021-07-19 19:47:42: (gest) now has a (TODO) page: (gest_TODO).

2021-07-19 10:18:38: create gest TODO page

2021-07-09 11:02:01: Creating a new (zet) group for myself #failure. Will be amalgamated in the new (failures) page.

2021-07-05 11:48:15: created a commands reference page for (zetdo), mainly because I keep forgetting about them: (zetdo_commands).

2021-06-29 17:10:50: added new recipe to the (food) page: (brownies).

2021-06-23 10:36:19: as promised, the vocal tract model used in (vocshape) has now been ported to (sndkit): tract.

2021-06-21 10:25:16: added a (projects) (metapage). I'm liking the idea of wiki curation and collections.

2021-06-21 09:56:16: finally got around to building a (now) page for myself. I'm hoping it will provide a more meaningful way to browse this wiki.

2021-06-21 09:33:19: finally got around to reworking some bits in (audio_programming_recipe). I think the tone was harsher than I wanted it to be.

2021-06-19 14:57:24: The glottis page is done and published.

2021-06-19 11:17:24: added some hyperlinks in (CATFMAS), both internal and external.

2021-06-16 10:46:55: shoot. my (weewiki) engine almost deleted (CATFMAS). That was stressful.

2021-06-16 09:51:24: imported initial adaptation of my PhD proposal that got rejected: (CATFMAS).

2021-06-06 21:34:56: began an initial (ffmpeg) command cheatsheet today.

2021-05-30 15:45:13: some minor updates to the (cinnamon_rolls) page, as I was making some today. I took pictures of parts of the process, and they may be worth adding to the page at some point.

2021-05-29 09:07:10: updated the punctuation to (ars_brevis).

2021-05-24 08:06:16: From now on, (zet) page entries should precede (feed) entries.

2021-05-24 08:03:08: created env, an envelope generator kind of like tenvx in soundpipe: env.

2021-05-20 16:57:04: added (baguettes) recipe. really more of a reference document than a recipe at the moment.

2021-04-27 10:00:32: created a page about making croissants: croissant_circle_of_life.

2021-04-01 16:08:59: added chorus to (sndkit): chorus.

2021-03-28 11:29:45: wow, I get rid of the inner join, and (toys_not_tools_TODO) page goes from 1.18 seconds to 0.03s render time. I've got some things to learn apparently about SQL.

2021-03-28 11:21:14: after some internal refactoring, (sndkit_TODO) is now back online. (zetdo) tasks there are grouped by tags, not states.

2021-03-10 11:07:05: crap. it looks like some of my (breathing_cards) are broken again. xxyq is unusually noisy, and wanaijys needs a missing ugen.

2021-03-05 18:12:34: added some words to the (LIL) page. getting myself ready to import LIL into (sndkit).

2021-03-04 11:03:38: change zet/zetdo to query tasks by group not state

2021-02-12 09:58:29: fixes to the (janet) script that creates (TODO) pages. Blurbs now close their p-tags, so now things indent properly in (linksbrowser).

2021-02-01 20:01:23: a dynamically generated wiki page for TODO stuff: (TODO).

2021-01-30 17:12:49: added a TODO page for meta stuff: (meta_TODO).

2021-01-30 12:26:28: added a dynamically generated (zetdo) TODO page for (sndkit): (sndkit_TODO).

2021-01-28 11:28:32: there was also a bug in my SQLite query I was using which only exposed itself when I had multiple page amalgamations. hopefully no more problems?

2021-01-28 11:27:50: added page amalgamation to (weewiki). also, created (blurb) script to better assist in annotating pages.

2021-01-27 19:46:33: made a (zetdo) for this wiki. I'm sure there will be things for this, but nothing comes to mind atm.

2021-01-27 10:56:33: made a (food) page, which is a (metapage) consisting of dynamically generated page links and descriptions scraped from the (zet). It is the first kind of page like this, and I'm quite pleased with the (sqlite) magic under the hood that made this possible.

2021-01-27 09:56:00: I have a few recipes on this wiki now, so I'm adding a food group to the wiki (zet). going to try and make dynamic amalgamation page from it.

2021-01-26 17:51:41: monolith wiki homepage actually has some stuff on it now: index.

2021-01-24 10:48:38: created a wiki page on how I start up (monolith) in (emacs): startup.

2021-01-19 12:00:10: In other words, it makes it almost as easy to jump in and use as (soundpipe).

2021-01-19 11:59:02: a local copy of worgle has been imported into sndkit, which is a big step, as it reduces friction for those wishing to use the code.

2021-01-09 14:38:19: some rewriting of (sample_curation) done.

2021-01-09 13:19:06: I really need to rewrite (sample_curation), now that I've built out the (zet) and (crate) interfaces.

2021-01-07 17:44:49: (kuf) is now at the (loom): the TOC page can be found here.

2021-01-07 11:13:33: almost done being able to generate a block with (kuf). I must say, it's very promising that I'm able to jump right back into this project after a 5 month hiatus. I think that's one point for (literate_programming).

2021-01-02 11:00:24: trying out this thing where I write down potential projects of mine as pages, then use the wiki (zet) to brainstorm. Been doing this with org-mode, but this is approach can be journaled better. see: (bloops) (bloopers) (bttyp).

2021-01-02 10:50:21: created a (toys_not_tools) page

2021-01-02 10:34:55: created the (bloopers) page. though that is going to be a while.

2021-01-02 10:32:10: created initial page

2021-01-01 12:33:28: soundpipe and sporth are back on my projects landing page /proj.

2020-12-20 17:20:13: just added (trigvm) to the (loom). trigvm.

2020-12-20 11:11:31: it looks like I whacked out all the literate programs that were clogging up the (keywords) page. much more helpful now. now I just need to better utilize this feature.

2020-12-20 10:54:06: I have quite a few literate programs here, and they are gumming up the (keywords) page. now that I have the (loom), it doesn't make sense to keep them here.

2020-12-19 21:02:22: created a page for the Candy Crystal Rainbow Codex (codex). it's a stub for now"

2020-12-19 20:56:50: that's how fast computers are. you can just go back and forth between whole formats and a years worth of logs in a blink of an eye. astounding.

2020-12-19 20:54:09: I really am tempted now to import my entire (twtxt) feed into my (zet), then add them to their own twtxt group. From there I can export it back to twtxt format, and life would go on as usual.

2020-12-19 20:46:49: added initial (cdb) page.

2020-12-19 11:21:01: just connected the (zet) and (crate) pages to (sample_curation). That's a neat zet trick.

2020-12-19 11:06:37: more words to the (zet) page, including a quickstart

2020-12-19 10:23:04: some good stuff is happening with the weewiki zet page wrt sample curation. will have to update the (sample_curation) page soon.

2020-12-18 11:11:31: added (zet) page

2020-12-18 11:08:18: added a page for meta-pages: (metapages)

2020-12-18 10:54:44: Thinking I should try to get (feed) like formatting here. Testing: (meta).

2020-12-18 10:49:10: Created a new group today called @create. Anything to do with creation or creating goes here. Software development is excluded here. #hello

2020-12-17 21:29:00: some fumbles, by I think this meta page is working. good proof of concept.

2020-12-17 18:02:04: the scale of this should be quite manageable compared to my sample curation project where auto-imports were generating 60k+ entries.

2020-12-17 18:00:50: I'm not quite sure what I'll be using the zet for here. but it sure is fun and easy adding stuff to it.

2020-12-17 17:59:49: a lot of interesting new features exploded today working on my (sample_curation) project.

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