Oh! Salutations, my dear net-traveler.

It appears you have stumbled upon my personal wiki, written in my homegrown wiki engine using org as a markup language.

I talk about a lot of stuff here, mostly things related to computers and music. Sometimes, I do other things too like make pudding and stare at my pocketwatch. Sometimes, there is stuff that makes no sense at all.

I build a lot of tools for myself, including a thing called monolith. On a good day, I dogfood my software to make sounds that bleed into the visual domain.

Be sure to see my feed to see the latest things I've been working on. Some of those twt's get automatically aggregated into wiki pages like halfbaked and links.

For the particularly adventurous (cue eagle screech), there is a automatically generated index with all the wiki pages. There is also a generated keywords page that may also prove to be a helpful.