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2021-02-22 18:28:52: an initial recipe for making fresh (pasta). pictures to come.

2021-02-19 21:20:49: making great progress getting interactive sound and video working on android. it's a setup I wish I had 5 years ago.

2021-02-16 09:36:07: feels good to be using tmux again more regularly. ansi-term in emacs is well, special.

2021-02-15 12:13:57: new monolith wiki page on FM: FM.

2021-02-10 22:01:18: added biramp to sndkit: biramp.

2021-02-09 14:07:24: a decentralized community (zet). individual zet feeds could be managed using something like git/git submodules, then built locally into self-contained SQLite files. zet items would be referenced by their zet nickname and UUID. #halfbakedideas

2021-02-09 10:35:57: put text in a box and center it: (boxit).

2021-02-09 10:02:52: links -g is an underappreciated jewel.

2021-02-09 10:02:33: trying to get myself to reach for (links) browser instead of firefox for locally testing my wiki. For the most part, it really doesn't need the heft of firefox. When links -g is used, it really really doesn't need firefox.

2021-02-08 20:09:01: to date, 138 pages in my wiki. wowee :)

2021-02-01 17:07:53: with (zet) and (zetdo), I find myself constantly needing to type out UUIDs. thing is, they aren't the easiest thing to type. might invent an intermediate typer-friendly intermediate UUID format that can then convert to the regular UUID format. #halfbaked

2021-01-30 10:57:25: new algorithm in sndkit: phasor generates a normalized periodic ramp signal, typically used for table-lookup oscillators.

2021-01-28 18:06:05: don't get me wrong, I love the power of emacs. but it's a very complex piece of software, which is inherrently brittle. not a problem in the short term, but for some of my more long term tools it's a consideration.

2021-01-28 18:03:14: if I don't need org-agenda, that's one less dependency on emacs, which I have a love/hate relationship.

2021-01-28 18:02:31: if I could figure out a way to integrate scheduling tasks in (zetdo), and maybe clock in/out, I think I wouldn't really need org-agenda anymore.

2021-01-28 18:01:19: a supplementary component to (zetdo) called something like "due", which schedules items in the TODO and dynamically creates schedules similar to org-agenda. #halfbaked

2021-01-27 20:07:28: I really need to feel less guilty about not doing bullshit. I decided not to do bullshit work, and it ended up being a nice day.

2021-01-27 19:56:26: it really feels like I spend a few hours every day trying to will myself into doing what other people want. I suppose everyone has that to an extent. It's just really hard to do things that I know are stupid, when there are other more important things to do. Really winds me up.

2021-01-27 19:48:42: today was one of those "do what you want to do, not what you're supposed to do" kinds of days for me

2021-01-27 19:47:19: SQL(ite) and zettelkastens as a medium for non-linear story telling. #halfbaked

2021-01-27 10:57:06: a dynamically generated page for food recipes: (food)

2021-01-26 09:23:34: added recipe I use for brown sugar cinammon poptarts: (poptarts) #food #breakfast #baking

2021-01-24 11:06:02: Writing a "tweet" is low-friction, and the medium forces you to chunk out ideas into (mostly) self-contained thoughts.

2021-01-24 11:04:27: I'm finding the microblogging format to be really useful for working out ideas.

2021-01-19 17:01:42: the stern-brocot tree

2021-01-19 17:00:53: user-defined order in SQL #sql #links maybe something that can be adapted to (sqlite)?

2021-01-19 16:56:35: cistercian numerals #links #notation

2021-01-16 21:38:28: created (zetdo) today, a small TODO app built on top of (zet). It seems like it could replace (or maybe enhance?) org-mode for some of my needs.

2021-01-15 09:04:47: decided to publish the initial words I wrote up for this granular delay I created, available at the (loom): bugz.

2021-01-12 14:58:04: rounded rectangle recipe in #cairo #links #vector #graphics

2021-01-09 13:17:40: Just copied over more samples today from my sample collection from one drive to another. Things are in more than one place for the first time in a long time, maybe ever in some cases? Feels nice.

2021-01-03 13:10:40: lagrange is a gui desktop space for browsing geminispace. it builds and runs on alpine linux! #links

2020-12-31 11:30:34: new breathing card today! bc12.tizhaimy. check it out at (breathing_cards).

2020-12-30 16:28:37: lots of links added to overview page on monolith wiki: overview.

2020-12-29 16:26:05: the (loom) now has better page navigation. thanks (worgmap) :)

2020-12-26 09:40:02: monolith now has 38 unique literate programs. their woven representations can be found at my website /proj/monolith/program. #monolith

2020-12-26 09:35:15: the (zet) I have written for my wiki is probably going to end up replacing what I've been using twtxt for these past few months. this means less spam here. you're welcome.

2020-12-20 16:37:49: I tried removing a flag from curl, and now tweets are downloading to the cache folder now. I think. will have to wait for folks to say stuff.

2020-12-20 16:32:56: that's it. I'm sticking to this txtnish client.

2020-12-20 15:56:45: that's it. I'm finding another twtxt client.

2020-12-20 15:47:44: Atelophobia by @<hecanjog> #links #bandcamp

2020-12-20 13:52:49: code drunk. refactor sober.

2020-12-18 11:07:51: slowly amassing a collection of (metapages) on this wiki.

2020-12-17 21:30:19: added a (meta) page. this proof of concept integrates with the weewiki (zettelkasten) I am developing to produce something similar to this (feed).

2020-12-17 17:57:17: I've already implemented like 4 new features today just out of necessity with my (sample_curation) project.

2020-12-17 17:56:39: I am loving how organic this (zettelkasten) is in (weewiki). the key value structure I'm using is so simple and allows for many structures to emerge from it.

2020-12-17 15:12:31: to start my sample (zettelkasten), I imported some waveform collections I had nearby: AKWF, Architecture Waveforms 2010, and WaveEdit #samples #curation #zet

2020-12-17 08:28:24: I still can't get over how I can download megabytes of information instantly these days. I am a child of dial-up.

2020-12-17 08:13:46: uh-oh, my masto instance is hanging.

2020-12-17 08:11:46: a collection of high-res wavetables with a (CC0) license: #links #samples

2020-12-12 20:23:16: okay. txtnish is now officially sketchy. sometimes feeds don't update, even if I run txtnish update, and this means missing replies. I gotta find something else if I'm going to make this more than a write-only experience.

2020-12-12 20:18:52: there's a zet growing in my wiki now. #updates

2020-12-11 21:15:19: with the addition of crate in weewiki, I finally found an opportunity to add some words to the (sqlar) page #updates

2020-12-11 17:46:03: implemented initial crate import in (weewiki). one step closer towards (sample_curation)

2020-12-10 17:12:00: I've got a good feeling about the (zettelkasten) I'm building for (weewiki). I think it is going to grow legs very quickly.

2020-12-09 17:53:05: added some pages on #permissive #publicdomain licenses that I often reach for: (CC0) and (unlicense).

2020-12-09 17:28:44: my chai recipe I made in 2018: (chai) #tea #food #recipe

2020-12-07 19:57:23: with some scripting, I could probably use my upcoming (weewiki) (zettelkasten) as a drop-in replacement for (twtxt), and then generate the twtxt file. however, I think I am going to keep them separate for the time being. let them both grow to serve different purposes.

2020-12-07 19:54:16: initial crate words imported in to weewiki source repo. no code yet, but it's pretty clear to me what needs to happen next in order to make an MVP. #updates

2020-12-05 13:32:49: @<hecanjog> has a twtxt feed yay

2020-12-05 13:28:17: import functionality now works in the (weewiki) zet #updates

2020-12-05 11:53:26: some good initial progress with the (weewiki) zettelkasten. messages can be made and tied to previous messages by providing partial UUIDs (that then get automatically expanded). basic export also works. #updates

2020-12-04 20:18:45: I'm really sad to have (temporarily) taken my monome grid + arc off my desk, but the empty space on my table makes me think better. Hopefully, I'll be able to appreciate them more when they come back. #updates

2020-12-04 15:24:39: okay, now (worgle) and friends are uploaded to the (loom): /loom/worgle. #updates

2020-12-04 10:39:35: created an initial wiki page about my (loom). #updates

2020-12-04 10:24:52: added weewiki and orgparse to the #loom today /loom/weewiki /loom/orgparse. #updates

2020-12-02 10:47:46: smoothstep is a stateless smoother function commonly used in computer graphics. could be interesting in the audio domain as well (parameter smoothing, phase warping/distortion synthesis, etc): #links #halfbaked

2020-12-02 10:15:55: notation as a tool of thought #links

2020-12-02 10:14:05: I had this notion yesterday of ignoring whitespace completely in (txtvm). this could allow for some ascii-art patterns in the output (similar to what some IOCC entries do). #halfbaked

2020-12-02 10:11:45: my room is now a bit cleaner, much more empty. more space to think and concentrate hopefully. #updates

2020-11-24 10:54:44: on small games: #links

2020-11-24 10:52:56: thinking of computer interfaces as being hypertypewriters #halfbakedideas

2020-11-20 10:26:02: tool-mind vs toy-mind #halfbakedideas

2020-11-17 16:11:05: phsclk is an algorithm that divides an incoming phasor signal into an arbitrary number of ticks that are equally spaced. phsclk #sndkit #updates

2020-11-17 15:33:22: tools encourage creation. toys encourage discovery. sometimes these overlap. #halfbakedideas

2020-11-17 09:23:12: gyo is an imaginary 4-bit computer #links

2020-11-16 19:41:25: plans for weewiki: a zettelkasten-like interface, a microblogging platform inspired by (twtxt), and some utilities for managing collections of SQLar archives. #updates #halfbakedideas

2020-11-16 10:26:23: finally finished all the initial ugen documentation. everything now has a sentence or two. the generated page can be accessed from the ugen wiki page /proj/monolith/wiki/ugens #updates #monolith

2020-11-13 09:38:00: new sndkit algorithm: expmap creates an exponential curve from a linear ramp. #sndkit #updates

2020-11-11 15:31:52: (weewiki) is now MIT licensed! can't believe I forgot to add it, considering the fact that it already has (janet) in there. #updates #weewiki

2020-11-09 18:20:54: thought it might be interested to post some of the code used to produce one of my (breathing_cards): (waigel)

2020-11-07 19:07:00: code for the codex #codex #updates

2020-11-07 19:05:38: IA IA PAFATHUDAYYUGO! THE TRANSMISSION HAS BEGUN. #updates #codex

2020-11-04 15:07:42: I gotta put hatching patterns in (btprnt). I just gotta. #halfbakedideas

2020-11-04 15:07:02: hatching is a monochrome system traditionally used in woodcuts and engravings to denote tinctures (colors) #1bit #links

2020-11-04 11:05:47: the concept of literally typed languages. as in, languages designed to be satisfying to type. #halfbakedideas

2020-11-03 17:23:30: a crossfade loop delay line. #halfbakedideas

2020-11-02 10:46:59: added an initial (bitwrite) page #updates

2020-11-02 10:15:51: I've recently been reading up on zettelkastens again, since it is very closely related to the ethos of a personal wiki system like (weewiki). The thing that interests me is the emergent patterns that come from linking things to things. Which is exactly the sort of solution I'm looking for (sample_curation). #halfbakedideas

2020-11-02 10:09:43: not to mention there's lots of interesting transformations one can apply to the linear ramp of a phasor signal. movable midpoint as seen in phase distortion synthesis and (phasewarp). exponential and bezier mappings. Not to mention all the trig functions and waveshaping synthesis techniques. All these things would warp tempo in interesting periodic ways. #halfbakedideas

2020-11-02 10:04:37: it's also easy to use scaling and wrap operations to transform a phasor signal into smaller/larger phasor signals, allowing for interesting rhythmic microcosms that stay in sync #halfbakedideas

2020-11-02 10:02:05: I'm hoping to build a phasor-to-clock signal generator, which divides up a phasor into an arbitrary number of ticks. Using a global phasor as a global clock would allow for interesting polyrhythms, as well more flexible precision in sequencers. It's also closer to how human-based conducting works. #halfbakedideas

2020-10-31 12:01:42: lil (little interpretted language) is a tiny scripting language with implementations in C and Pascal. Apparently, the author maintains it in a private (fossil) repo, which is pretty neat: #links

2020-10-25 17:55:14: sitelen sitelen is a style of non-linear writing that appears as hieroglyphic blocks, and can be used with toki pona #links #tokipona

2020-10-21 19:12:44: the fe language by rxi would make for a great frontend for generating txtvm code maybe #halfbakedideas

2020-10-16 14:22:04: been adopting a document-as-you go approach to the (monolith) wiki. as I dogfood my software to make pieces an etudes like (breathing_cards), I write about it in a wiki stub. #workflow #documentation

2020-10-16 14:19:28: added channels page to (monolith) wiki: /proj/monolith/wiki/channels. #updates

2020-10-15 17:42:59: sitelen telo v1.01, a japanese logographic script for toki pona. might want to try to make a #1bit version of this for (btprnt) #links #tokipona

2020-10-14 17:45:46: now that (txtvm) is no longer (halfbaked), I decided to update the wiki page on it. #updates

2020-10-14 17:36:54: added a few notes on woven program output on the (monolith) wiki page #updates

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