[3f3d9c47] 2022-11-26-09-00: finally updated my (now) page after half a year. Things have slowed somewhat. I've shifted gears towards my own creative pursuits and research.

[2fa2c58a] 2022-11-20-10-27: not a lot of active work done here in a while. All my attention has been placed into a new project called (gestlings), which aim to be studies in Sonic Gesture.

[206aed57] 2022-09-27-08-19: typed up my chapter 2 notes for (TAOCP). A scanned page seems to be missing. Created a task for it (gausjphsq).

[8c213a83] 2022-09-24-15-48: I have moved in and set up my workstation. Getting back to work.

[f94299f7] 2022-09-11-07-05: added (ink) and (notebooks) pages today.

[1906fbb8] 2022-07-17-15-00: okay I think I fixed the incorrectly imported ink pages.

[cc21e7b4] 2022-07-17-07-33: Corrected by renaming stacks_queues_deques to linear_lists. the actualy section for stacks_deques_queues just won't have a label anymore (a new one can be made). This is acceptable.

[8210bde5] 2022-07-17-06-32: uh oh. I just realized that I've overloaded the stacksdeques tag for all of 2.2. Should have been linear lists. I think it's possible to salvage if I rename the label (UUID stays the same).

[4d830dd9] 2022-07-11-19-38: now that I have a full-time job, it doesn't make too much sense to do the (focuschips) system. At least, not the way I've been approaching it thus far. Taking a break from this.

[8bcd8316] 2022-07-06-10-20: create a (workflow) page.

[043b1238] 2022-07-02-09-27: created a (pdfs) page to list all pdf documents I have in the database, with blurbs if they have them. Eventually I will want to add blurbs to all of them.

[bb6df6d4] 2022-07-01-10-56: new page related to (zetdoc): (zetdoc_index).

[ce27de87] 2022-06-30-14-25: brain dump: (thoughts_on_gestured_sound)

[87b76de6] 2022-06-30-10-53: editing my thoughts on gestured sound. tagging.

[226f27e9] 2022-06-29-06-16: transcribing notes I wrote in the lu/smith paper on glottal source modelling.

[5daa68c0] 2022-06-28-10-19: I never get a context to talk about this, but I just finished Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Volume 1). 6 months of reading 15 minutes a day.

[ceca10d3] 2022-06-18-07-35: All the notes for (TADM) have been typed up now. I am now officially done reading the first half of this book.

[fda7ac62] 2022-05-21-10-53: added a much needed table of contents to (TADM). a much needed thing now, considering how large the document has gotten.

[4a6ac139] 2022-05-21-10-50: oof. I'm already seeing some notes in (TADM) getting messed up because of improper parsing. I really need to have tags for inline math mode TeX code, even if I don't intend to render it.

[24015544] 2022-05-20-09-34: taschenbegleiter has been ordered. hoo boy.

[b7fb485e] 2022-05-11-09-35: the (agenda) page is complete. no support for subtasks. I don't use them enough to justify putting in the work to display them.

[41de964a] 2022-05-10-20-41: table arrived today, which was a nice surprise. I thought I wouldn't see that until a week or so. Strap comes Thursday. At that point, I'll be have a reading and notetaking setup for (TAOCP).

[4cc92e3d] 2022-05-10-09-54: added initial (agenda) page. it lists tasks, but no comments.

[13ecc0e4] 2022-05-10-09-33: now that my e-ink screen is dead, I'm switching to a more paper-based setup for note-taking. This sets me back for reading things like (TAOCP) that are physical books because I don't have a stand for the books AND the notebook.

[d79c6779] 2022-05-08-07-37: The ribbon to my e-ink screen tore yesterday. Now, I'm rethinking my note-taking approach. I really like not having to look at a screen, so I'm attempting to try handwritten notes which then get typed up to my zet. More work, but maybe more information retention as well?

[22220f68] 2022-05-05-09-43: experimenting using this format with (TAOCP). I think I may have mentioned this before.

[53dd2b60] 2022-05-05-09-43: in light of (zetdoc) actually existing, I've created a staging folder. This will contain zetdocs getting prepped/written to be imported.

[f147969a] 2022-05-05-08-40: added message counts to (labels) page.

[c60beb39] 2022-05-04-09-49: initial (zetdoc) implementation created. used it to import a backlog of links I curated over the past few months. New page can be found at (links).

[4f3bbdeb] 2022-04-29-10-25: for (TAOCP), going to try experimenting with how I take notes. will write something that will vaguely be the ideal syntax for a (zetdoc) staging document

[4d8e420b] 2022-04-29-10-17: created a new page: (zetdoc). For now, it is just a proposal.

[3fe8bb87] 2022-04-29-10-12: moving forward, I want to adopt a more granular form of note taking that isn't just writing sentences in an org document. I need an approach that takes advantage of the zet format more, and allows links and structures. I'm working out an idea called a zetdoc, which would allow one to type up notes in a linear way using a temporary staging document, then have that document be imported and parsed in the zet database with links.

[dacd53de] 2022-04-24-14-40: obviously, doing the problem sets would be ideal. The time and focus is intimidating. It almost feels derailing. Like diminished returns. It would be a good way to build up intuition. But I must choose my time wisely towards building intuition that will help me move forwards in my career and art.

[c2cbcc4d] 2022-04-24-14-38: It remains to be seen if "reading first, problem sets later" is an effective strategy. I am certainly cramming my head with a bunch of topics quickly. I'm wondering if I can apply this strategy towards some of the DSP books.

[11a719f7] 2022-04-21-09-53: ported a MIXAL program to C for the first time! It was the findmax program found on page 145 of volume 1 of (TAOCP). A very short and simple program, but the process of translation was a helpful excercise. I ended up writing two versions: one closely following the original MIXAL structure using gotos, and then a reworked version that looks like more conventional C.

[4741978e] 2022-04-20-09-51: a good practice for me would be to try to implement this trivial findmax MIXAL program into C.

[d3012b8f] 2022-04-20-09-44: slowly understanding a trivial program written in (MIXAL).

[2c5607df] 2022-04-19-10-28: finally getting around to a serious attempt at learning (MIX) and (MIXAL) in order to better study (TAOCP).

[e1e9841a] 2022-04-19-05-33: my first (focuslog) entry that is late by a day. It was bound to happen. whenever I decide to crunch numbers, I'll have to factor that in.

[ca194d75] 2022-04-13-09-34: done with chapter 6. that finishes my requirements for (TYCS).

[47c6f171] 2022-04-05-16-27: added the pirkle book on building audio effect plugins

[ebfc1bed] 2022-04-05-16-20: Now that I'm close to finishing (CSAPP), I'm starting on the next (TYCS) series book: (TADM) (lots of acronyms here).

[40ffe805] 2022-03-24-22-17: (focuslogs) so far have been a good streak, but I haven't done it for long. Now that I am waking up earlier to do reading, I seem to be getting through all my alotted tokens fairly quickly. If I can keep this up for another week or so consistently, I might try to add more tokens to the my daily mix. I did in fact reduce it slightly already because I was lagging behind initially.

[cf567c6b] 2022-03-23-10-12: create initial stub for (MIX) page

[10a3753e] 2022-03-22-06-30: writing the (page) page as I go. no more or minimal backtracking.

[66e1733c] 2022-03-21-20-03: just made a (palestrina) page and @palestrina group to help document my efforts in studying the renaissance composer.

[c061632b] 2022-03-19-11-02: beginning to sink my teeth into palestrina. There's a group that put out 8 volumes (8 hours) of palestrina music. currently downloading scores and following along. actual analysis will come later.

[dd6e66f7] 2022-03-17-10-42: turns out there's a lot of great information on the wikipedia page on locking: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lock_(computer_science).

[753ab643] 2022-03-14-05-55: trying to wake up earlier to read

[d66f976f] 2022-03-11-10-11: wow! mupdf supports epub formats. that's amazing!

[a4a6986c] 2022-03-09-12-29: zetdo does have a stopwatch feature. wonder if there's any usefulness here? could be a useful metric to have.

[f73855c4] 2022-03-08-13-48: gooseneck arrived! remarkable now can be read while I type on my e-ink display. it's all coming together now...

[7cc741bf] 2022-03-08-13-21: got an HMDI monitor the other day. mupdf works really well with it. It is small, but this could potentially mean more reading on my computer rather than my RM.

[4af68e13] 2022-02-25-17-36: added (labels) meta-page, that lists all the labels and some blurbs, if there is one.

[e77b0650] 2022-02-07-15-19: added some links today to the (rust_dsp) page. It seems like there is more that could be done.

[d21382c5] 2022-01-28-16-55: starting to make a page on glottal modelling: (glottal_flow_derivative)

[572e916f] 2022-01-28-14-32: lots of research into glottal modelling. hiu-ling "vicky" lu seems to have a good dissertation on this, and the pink trombone model is somewhat based on this.

[a9fd28e8] 2022-01-24-18-07: added a (fricatives) page. will also added a fricatives label as well.

[bbcd6cb8] 2022-01-20-15-44: okay updated fant paper to be 1985. all better.

[10b72daa] 2022-01-20-15-40: added fant 1985 paper on four parameter glottal model. note that I thought it was a 1980 paper, so the PDF is currently misnamed.

[057cd20e] 2022-01-18-15-15: initial proposal written up. see QMUL/prop.txt.

[a50c24a1] 2022-01-13-16-59: (PRC_dissertation) is blowing my mind. what an incredible resource on singing synthesis, that's been here the whole time.

[4f932fc4] 2022-01-13-13-22: the temporary workaround for the charging issue involved using a clamp to lift up to RM, leaving room at the bottom for the cable to go underneath. might want to consider a real tablet stand like the one I have for my laptop.

[4b75b280] 2022-01-13-12-35: annd the remarkable has low battery. this is an ongoing problem. I would love to figure out a better charging solution for this thing.

[b5e4facc] 2022-01-12-16-10: working on a new PhD proposal for QMUL AIM: (proposal_AIM). Fingers crossed.

[26e8258a] 2022-01-05-10-54: just transfered the SQLar file to the local database. Note to self: it is 454M, so it takes a few moments.

[50b4b507] 2022-01-05-09-50: new pages added: (rust), (rustbook), (rustlog), etc. going to be very rusty in the months to come.

[b4dd6d67] 2021-12-11-06-39: really hoping that busting through a book the first time 'round without fully understanding everything is an okay approach. I want to think of it as map-building for the second time 'round.

[86426de6] 2021-12-06-16-04: added a (now) page.

[b74496e2] 2021-12-06-16-02: created (rust) page.

[223a5d8e] 2021-12-06-15-58: lots of infrastructure made today, including some work with (bib).

[daa4b884] 2021-12-03-08-47: created the @glossary label today. the idea here is to define keywords and use this tag.

[1e89520e] 2021-12-02-15-32: hello.