A page of keywords with links to related pages.

This metapage is dynamically generated using the keyscrape command in weewiki and this script.

!like_this: twtxt_playground

##: LIL

#halfbaked: halfbaked

#halfbakedideas: halfbaked

#links: links

$argv: LIL

-DWORGLITE: worgle

./zetdo tasks: zetdo

/dev/ttyUSB2: norns

/etc/udev/rules.d/: android_dev

/wiki: weewiki

0.01: looptober_2021

1-bit: taxonomy_of_4x4_tiles

1bit: 1bit, bttyp, bitwrite, sample_curation

2001: a Space Odyssey: CATFMAS

51-android.rules: android_dev

5cca6: zetvar

@alpha: zetvar

@beta: zetvar

@create: create

_site/wiki: weewiki

a: trikuf

a.db: worgmap, zet

add: zetdo_commands

agenda: zetdo_commands, zetdo

amt: zetdo

ANDROID_HOME: android_dev

Annotation: sample_curation

ANSI C: fbm

anthropomorphic sensitivity: CATFMAS

append: LIL

articulated: articulated_gesture

articulatory synthesis: CATFMAS

ATTACH: wiki_copy

audio: sndkit

awk: zetvar

b: trikuf

backup: rsync_cloud

baking: pudding, food

baremetal: pi_baremetal

behavior: gest, gesture

belongs: zetdo_commands

big blocks: taxonomy_of_4x4_tiles

Bigverb: bigverb

binadd_sqrs: novembeat_2021

bitmap: sample_curation

bitwrite: bitwrite

blkref: worgmap, sqlite_export_worgle

blocks: sqlite_export_worgle

blurb: zetdo_commands

body: fmkik

borg: rsync_cloud

boxit: boxit, zetdo_commands

brainstorm: brainstorm

BRK: uxnseq

Browse: sample_curation

bttyp: bttyp

buildzet: zetdo_commands

C: audio_programming_recipe, fmkik, trikuf

C++: audio_programming_recipe

CC0: CC0

cdb: cdb

checkerboard: taxonomy_of_4x4_tiles

chocolate: pudding

clock: hclock

cloud: rsync_cloud

cmdline-tools/3.0: android_dev

colors: taxonomy_of_4x4_tiles

comment: zetdo_commands

concept: thoughtful_programming

conductor: gest, gesture_signal_generator, gesture

CONFIG: norns norns norns

constant: cdb

content: sqlite_export_worgle

cooking: food

count: LIL

crate: sqlar, zet, crate, sample_curation

create: zetdo_commands

create_list: zetdo_commands, zetdo

creative commons: CC0

crenelations: taxonomy_of_4x4_tiles

Croissant: croissant_circle_of_life

crone: norns

curate: sample_curation

curation: metapages

cweb: literate_programming

dark: pudding

database: cdb

dcblocker: dcblocker

Demo-Driven Development: CATFMAS

DEO: uxnseq

dessert: pudding

destination.db: wiki_copy

Domain warping: fbm

done: zetdo_commands

drumloop: tinydrums

DSP: sndkit, osc, bigverb, dcblocker, vardelay, peakeq, modalres

dst: fmkik

dumpzet: zetdo_commands

dv: zetdo_commands, zetdo

EDITOR: weewiki

eggless: pasta

Emacs: orgdown

embed: LIL

Ensemble: CATFMAS

entry: zetdo_commands

Eve: literate_programming

export: zet, zetdo_commands

expr: LIL

failure: failures

fc2a5: zetvar

fc2a56: zetvar

feed: metapages

fettucine: pasta

ffile: worgmap

ffmpeg: fbm, ffmpeg

filelist: worgmap

filename: sqlite_export_worgle

files: sqlite_export_worgle

flour: pasta

fmdrone: waigel

fmkik: fmkik

fmpair: fmpair

foo: page_amalgamation, zetvar, weewiki, keys2db

foo.janet: weewiki weewiki

food: food

Fractal Brownian Motion: fbm

framebuffer: fbm

freq: fmkik

ft: fmkik

fudgelog: fudgelog

functions: worgmap

g: trikuf

gamelog: gamelog

gemini: gemini

gest: gest_TODO, gest

gesticulate: gest

Gestlang: gestlang

gesture: gest_TODO, gest, CATFMAS

gesture sequencing: gesture

gesture signal generator: gesture_signal_generator

gesture synthesis: gesture

gestures: gest

get: zetvar

getblurb: zetdo_commands

gluten: pasta

go-curve: waigel

gst:eval: looptober_2021

h264: fbm

halfbaked: halfbaked, metapages

halfchar: taxonomy_of_4x4_tiles

handle_press: grid_tutorial

hashtag: 1bit, halfbaked, links, updates

hatch: taxonomy_of_4x4_tiles

hclock: hclock


headers: sqlite_export_worgle

hist: zetdo_commands

history: zetdo_commands

howyousay: gest

hsize: render_one_equation

HTMLized: metapages

humanization: hclock

hyper-typewriter: hypertypewriter

hypercard: bitwrite

hypertypewriter: hypertypewriter

i: fmkik

id: sqlite_export_worgle

id8: zetdo_commands

ideas: halfbaked

in.wav: cfloop

index: LIL, metapages

info: zetdo_commands

init: waigel

Instrument Pipeline: CATFMAS

Interface Layer: CATFMAS

interpolator: gesture_signal_generator

Janet: weewiki

jaunty angle: taxonomy_of_4x4_tiles

key-value: cdb

keyscrape: keyscrape, metapages, keys2db

keyword: twtxt_search, keys2db

keywords: keyscrape, keywords

kilo: bitwrite

knowledge: zettelkasten

knuth: literate_programming

Kuf: kuf

len: fmkik

Leo: literate_programming

level: sqlite_export_worgle

librunt.a: norns

license: unlicense


line: gest

link: zet, zetvar

links: links, metapages

linum: sqlite_export_worgle

lists: zetvar

literate program: keyscrape, trigvm, btprnt_program, bigverb, dcblocker, fmpair, rline, peakeq, phasewarp

literate programming: proof_of_thought, literate_programming, thoughtful_programming, lp_recipe

loop2: looptober_2021

loop21: looptober_2021

loop3: looptober_2021

loop_amt: cfloop

looptober: looptober_2021

lowlevel: pi_baremetal

lp: literate_programming

ls: zetdo_commands

lstadd: zetdo_commands, zetdo

lstdel: zetdo_commands, zetdo

lstdone: zetdo_commands

lstexp: zetdo_commands

lstimp: zetdo_commands

m: fmkik

mac0: waigel

mac1: waigel

maiden: norns

main: cfloop, grid_tutorial

make: norns

make db: worgmap

malloc: grid_tutorial

Mapping Layer: CATFMAS

matron: norns

maxlen: twtxt_search

meta: metapages, meta

metapage: halfbaked, links, metapages

mind maps: weewiki

mindmap: zettelkasten

minicom: norns

Minilisp: minilisp

mkdb.janet: weewiki

mkgroup: zetdo_commands

mkhit: looptober_2021

mkhit2: looptober_2021

mkquad: trikuf

mkrest: looptober_2021

mksend: novembeat_2021

mksineft: looptober_2021

mktrirow: trikuf

mnolth: mnolth

mnolth/mnodes: mnodes

mnolua: mnolth

mnoscm: mnolth

Model Layer: CATFMAS

monolith: literate_programming

monolith:start: waigel

MONOME_BUTTON_DOWN: grid_tutorial

monome_close: grid_tutorial

monome_event_handle_next: grid_tutorial

monome_event_loop: grid_tutorial

monome_led_all: grid_tutorial

monome_led_map: grid_tutorial

monome_led_row: grid_tutorial

monome_led_set: grid_tutorial

monome_open: grid_tutorial

monome_register_handler: grid_tutorial

monome_t: grid_tutorial

monoramp: gest

mplayer: ffmpeg

name: sqlite_export_worgle

ncurses: sample_curation

new: zetvar

next: sqlite_export_worgle

next-file: sqlite_export_worgle

noblankcols: trikuf

NOCASE: keys2db

node_hclock: hclock

noice: sample_curation

noindent: render_one_equation

nopagenumbers: render_one_equation

now: now

noweb: literate_programming

nsubtasks: zetdo_commands

nticks: hclock

org: weewiki, weewiki_sql, literate_programming

Org mode: literate_programming

org-agenda: zetdo

org-mode: orgdown, weewiki

organization: zettelkasten, metapages

orglist: sqlite_export_worgle

osc: osc

out.wav: cfloop

p: trikuf

page amalgamation: page_amalgamation

pasta: pasta

Patchwerk: literate_programming

PBRT: literate_programming

PeakEQ: peakeq

permissive: CC0, unlicense

pglist: sqlite_export_worgle

phase-locked loop: gesture_signal_generator

phase-locked looping: gesture

phasewarp: phasewarp

phasor: gest, gesture

phrases: gest

phrasing: gest

phshft_rcp: novembeat_2021

pi: pi_baremetal

pixel2grayscale: dither

polyramp: gest

pos: sqlite_export_worgle

prev_lastseg: sqlite_export_worgle

print_triglyph: trikuf

program: sqlite_export_worgle

programming: proof_of_thought, thoughtful_programming

prosody: gest, CATFMAS

public domain: CC0, unlicense, cdb

pudding: pudding

Query: sample_curation

r: waigel

ramptree: gest

raspberry: pi_baremetal

rawsay: zetvar

rebuild: zet, zetdo_commands

recipe: lp_recipe

recipes: food

ref: weewiki_sql

REPLACE: fix_zet_entry

reslist: sqlite_export_worgle

resources: sqlite_export_worgle

rline: rline

rlwrap say: say

rsync: rsync_cloud

run: waigel, looptober_2021

run_cfloop: cfloop

runt.h: norns

Rust: audio_programming_recipe

samples: crate, sample_curation

say: zet

scrape: webscraper

screen: norns

SDL: bitwrite

search: zet, zetdo_commands

search_twtxt keyword [maxlen]: twtxt_search

section: sqlite_export_worgle

segoff: sqlite_export_worgle

select-curves: waigel

select-trigs: waigel

set: zetdo_commands, zetvar, LIL

singer: looptober_2021

singer-words: looptober_2021

sndkit: sndkit, osc, bigverb, dcblocker, fmpair, rline, vardelay, peakeq, modalres, phasewarp

Sound Layer: CATFMAS

source.db: wiki_copy

sourcehut: gest, weewiki

spm_lina: novembeat_2021

sposc_log: novembeat_2021

sqlar: sqlar, crate, sample_curation

sqlarfs: sqlar

SQLite: twtxt_playground

sqlite3: zetdo

state: zetdo_commands, zetvar

storage: rsync_cloud

stripes: taxonomy_of_4x4_tiles

subtasks: zetdo_commands

tag: zetdo_commands

tags: zetdo_commands

tail: fmkik

target: gest

tasks: zetdo_commands


tdiv: hclock

tee: zet

Temporal Weight: temporal_weight

testwt: novembeat_2021

TeX: literate_programming

text editor: hypertypewriter

The Hierarchy of Control: CATFMAS

the-curve: waigel

thoughtful: thoughtful_programming

thoughtful programming: proof_of_thought


tinycdb: cdb

tkpos: hclock

TODO: zetdo_commands, gest_TODO, zetdo

TODO-sndkit: sndkit_TODO

tok-wt: looptober_2021

top: sqlite_export_worgle

top_level: sqlite_export_worgle

touch: zetdo_commands

tree: worgmap

trig: fmkik, waigel

trigex: waigel

trigger: hclock

triglyph: trikuf

triglyph2trirows: trikuf

trigs-clockit: waigel

trikuf: trikuf

trirow: trikuf

trirows: trikuf

TSV: keyscrape, zet

twtxt.txt: twtxt_sqlite

twtxt/quote: twtxt_playground

twtxt/related-tweets: twtxt_playground

txtvm: txtvm

type: sqlite_export_worgle

typewriter: bitwrite, hypertypewriter

unlicense: unlicense

UPDATE: fix_zet_entry

Updates: updates, metapages

USE_BTPRNT: trikuf

UUID: zet, crate, zetdo

uv: zetdo_commands, zetdo

uxn: uxn

uxnseq: uxnseq

var: zetvar

vardelay: vardelay

Vocshape: vocshape

voxtober: looptober_2021

vsize: render_one_equation

water: pasta

weaving: loom

web: literate_programming

weewiki: keyscrape, zet, crate, zetdo, metapages, weewiki, sample_curation

weewiki add foo: weewiki

weewiki dump foo.janet: weewiki

weewiki edit: weewiki

weewiki edit foo: weewiki

weewiki janet foo.janet: weewiki

weewiki link -f foo weewiki

weewiki link foo weewiki

weewiki sync: weewiki

weewiki zet var new: zetvar

weewiki.janet: weewiki_sql

wget: webscraper

wiki: weewiki_sql

wiki del foo: weewiki wiki_copy

wordentry: looptober_2021

worgle: literate_programming worgle

woven: keyscrape

ww-db: weewiki_sql

x: trikuf

x264: fbm

y: trikuf

your_website_here: webscraper

z: trikuf

zet: sqlar, zettelkasten, zet, brain, metapages, sample_curation

zet mkgroup: zetvar

zetdo: zetdo

zetdo.tsv: zetdo_commands

zettelkasten: zettelkasten, zetdo, metapages, sample_curation

Zig: audio_programming_recipe

~/proj/monolith/norns/include: norns

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