food is an autogenerated metapage for various wiki pages that are cooking and baking recipes.

This page was made possible courtesy of the zet.

cinnamon_rolls: mini cinnamon rolls. with frosting!

donutmuffins: a recipe for cinnamon donut muffins.

pasta: Fresh homemade pasta with a bonus recipe for cheese sauce passable for fettucine alfredo.

baguette: simple no-knead baguettes

tortellini: WIP. Will eventually be a recipe for meat tortellini using fresh eggless pasta dough.

croissant_circle_of_life: A photo anthology of the various stages of a croissant. Not really a recipe.

carnitas: WIP. a really simple carnitas recipe for a slow cooker.

pudding: dark chocolate pudding with a thick and creamy texture

brownies: a recipe for fudge brownies

poptarts: brown sugar cinnamon poptarts with a pastry crust

fudge: an opionated recipe-guide to making old fashioned fudge

chai: a simple spiced chai

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