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Research updates, as of April 13th, 2022

The Algorithm Design Manual

See: TADM.

This is the next book in the TYCS series. I'm currently somewhere in Chapter 3.

Computer Systems: a Programmers Perspective

See: computer_systems_programmers_perspective.

Completed the required reading for TYCS(chapters 1-6). Moving onto other things.

Singing Synthesis

More studying of the tube-resonance model described in GnuSpeech. It turns out the topology matches exactly that of the one described in Perry Cook's waveguide patent (expired in 2013).

I've amassed quited a few resources on articulatory synthesis at this point, it might be worth making a page dedicated to those. * Palestrina I've decided to begin a deep dive into the works of Palestrina. Palestrina is interesting to me because of the highly contrapuntal nature of the work, and the fact that it is related to the voice.

I've collected scores for all the masses from IMSLP, and am slowly purchasing the 8-volume CD collection of Palestrina performed by The Sixteen (currently have 2).