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Research updates, as of November 26th, 2022

To be honest, formal research has slowed. I've been more focused on some of my own work an projects.


Some non-trivial changes in workflow and infrastructure have occured in the past half-year.

For starters, I've developed zetdoc, a format that allows me to easily write and tag many zettelkasten entries at once in a collection. I often use this as a way to transcribe handwritten notes and voice recordings. Zetdocs with titles can be found at zetdoc_index. Titles only though. If anything looks interesting, let me know, and I might turn it into a curated blog post.

I've gotten more into doing things on pen and paper, and have gotten into the habbit of scanning (via a portable scanner) and organizing documents. See ink and notebooks.

Tagging has become more automated. The labels page has grown substantially, and it's taking a fair bit longer to generate. I may have to rethink how I'm doing things.

I now own a dedicated voice recorder for my ramblings, and have built a formal workflow around that. See voxlog.

The Art Of Computer Programming

A few months ago, I read through TAOCP chapter 2 (volume 1) in the laziest way possible. But I did take notes.

Singing Synthesis

The Lu glottal model I keep wanting to make is on hold. This is because I've realized that controlling these algorithms is more important to me than the algorithms themselves. Music won't suddenly appear because of a slightly better sounding DSP algorithm.


I've consumed countless hours listening to the stuff at this point. The Sixteen has an 8 CD collection of Palestrina, I have purchased all but two of them. Some of the tunes are starting to sink in, and I feel ready to begin studying some scores. More organization happening at the palestrina page.