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Research updates, as of June 28th, 2022

The Art Of Computer Programming

Reading through the art of computer programming, volume 1. Just reading, not motivated enough to work on problem sets. My transcribed notes can be found at @(ref "TAOCP")!@.

Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire (Gibbon)

I never often get a context to bring this up, but I just finished this yesterday. 6 months of reading 15 minutes a day.

Singing Synthesis

Vocal tract filter (digital waveguide models based on Cook) and glottal source algorithms (based on work by Lu) are in development. The glottal source algorithm will probably be finished first, since it's what I've been reading about more recently.

Starting to think about things like interface. How to best use the physical interface I have (Monome Grid, Arc), to "sculpt" phoneme states.