ZFS cheatsheet

ZFS cheatsheet

Plug in USB device, then run

zpool import

It will list available pools

then import a pool

zpool import paulmedia

when done run

zpool export paulmedia


zpool scrub 

check on status of scrub

zpool status

Pools are mounted in the root directory. paulmedia would be in /paulmedia.

Some information about the pool, such as storage use, can be done with:

zpool list paulmedia

Get feature/property information of a pool

zfs get all paulmedia

Creating a new ZFS pool for replication.

First use parted to initialize the partition with a GUID.

gparted print rm 1 rm 2 quit

mkpart "paulbackup" ext4 0% 100% quit

create pool "snaps" from paulbackup

zpool create snaps paulbackup

in case you want to destroy the pool and start over zpool destroy snaps

zfs snapshot paulmedia/shows@init zfs send paulmedia/shows@init | zfs receive snaps/shows@init

incremental zfs send -i paulmedia/shows@init paulmedia/shows@next | zfs receive -dF snaps/shows

The -i flag is the reference snapshot from a previous snapshot, the argument after that is the snapshot to send

list snapshots

zfs list -t snapshot

set lz4 compression on snaps zfs set compression=lz4 snaps

create dataset in pool

zfs create pool/new_dataset

(shows up as subdirectory)

list datasets:

zfs list

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