Zetdo TODO

Zetdo TODO

A list of TODO items for zetdo.

add timestamp field to zetdo info

UUID: #a7e5e963.

create a faster version of agenda

UUID: #63755840.

I think it is possible to make Agenda faster. right now it is trying to do it all in an inefficient query. If it gets broken up, it'll go faster. Less elegant, but faster.

2021-10-02 09:20:21: I have brought back the old agenda for now.

hist function should display short UUIDs of comments

UUID: #7ea272b7.

that way, it can be easier to link to comments directly if desired.

create clock/in out functionality

UUID: #3ae77932.

2021-07-19 09:19:08: I want the interface to work like "zetdo stopwatch UUID". the program will then sleep, waiting for key input. the time difference is measured, saved as a duration unit, then linked to the UUID in question.

2021-07-19 09:17:14: the plan as it stands now: make it possible to create a new zet entry with a variable called "duration", with some numerical value indicate time passed in seconds. this new entry can then be linked to a task.

it should be easier to trace what task a comment belongs to

UUID: #4fd2eb50.

make an option to order zetdo tasks by state timestamp.

UUID: #eb42c0b1.

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