twtxt is a simple decentralized microblogging platform. tweets are written in a specially formatted timestamped text file, which are then published online using some kind of file server.

Right now, I am using txtnish to interface with twtxt.

My Raw twtxt Feed

Get raw feed here. You can use "pbatch" as my nickname.

My HTMLized twtxt Feed

My latest tweets from my twtxt can be found in HTMLized form here.

twtxt + weewiki

The microblogging format of twtxt pairs well with the weewiki format. Ongoing efforts are underway to better integrate weewiki and twtxt together. Some experiments can be found in the twtxt playground

Other helpful pages

twtxt_playground: a test page for testing out twtxt/weewiki integrations

twtxt_search: a small script in (janet) used to search tweets in (twtxt).

twtxt_sqlite: a janet script used to convert a (twtxt) feed to a SQLite database.

say: a wrapper around txtnish for tweeting things

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