Sample Curation

Sample Curation

The Sample Curation Problem

A on-going problem of mine: how does one efficient manage or curate a large database of samples?

My compositions up to this point in time have been largely vacant of samples for this reason. I do have sample collections, I always find myself overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a sample. How do I know when I have found the "right" sample? And what happens if I find a good sample, but I don't have a use for it? I don't have a good system in place, so sample selection for me comes down to either random selection, panick-y random trial and error, or just what is most convenient (first one selected, selection from a arbitrarily limited subset, etc).

A Potential Solution

For many years now, I figured I could use SQLite somehow, especially with the use of something like sqlar.

Using SQLar with !@(ref "weewiki" "weewiki")