A metapage that lists pages related to various projects of mine.

soundpipe: A lightweight music DSP library written in C

sndkit: a wiki of audio DSP algorithms written in a literate style

runt: a small stack based language

giblang: a small utility to generate words. featured in (breathing_cards) and (codex).

btprnt: a library for drawing 1-bit graphics

monolith: an interactive computer music ecosystem

kuf: a small library for generative square kufic calligraphy

gestvm: A gesture sequencer controlled via (uxn).

worgle: a fast and portable tangler for literate org files with noweb support

patchwerk: a C library for making audio graphs

gest: a gesture sequencer.

weewiki: a small wiki engine

voc: a physical model of the human vocal tract, based off of pink trombone.

zetdo: a TODO app built using zet and shell scripting.

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