Reasons to get a Pocket Watch

Reasons to get a Pocket Watch

Go get yourself a Pocket Watch. Not a bad investment.

The most important thing a pocket watch can do is get you off your phone a little bit. If you need to check the time, use the pocket watch instead of the phone. If you are going somewhere and all you need is to know the time, take the pocket watch, and leave the phone at home. The issue is that phones do more than tell the time. Those other things can be stressful anxiety-inducing things that can pop up every time you just want to check the time.

A mechanical wind-up pocket watch does not require a battery or electricity. All it needs is is a human being with intent. Just wind, set the current time, and off ya go. The watch I got for myself, a Gotham Railway Classic, needs to be wound up about once a day. It's a fun little daily ritual to have.

Pocket watch displays do not turn off. They are always on, ready to tell you the time. The exception to this is when you don't have any light. So, you might want to get yourself a flashlight while you're at it.

The analogue watchface is a great mental model for grokking time. Colloqial phrases like "quarter 'til noon" and "half past 8" only make sense on an analogue watch face.

They are great fidget toy. Smooth, round.. a mechanical marvel to watch and put up to your ear.

If you put a pocket watch on a cell phone stand, it becomes a desk clock!

Ditch the chains though.

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