The planck is an ortholinear 4x12 mechancial keyboard.

The original planck by Jack Humbert can be ordered at, though Drop (formerly Massdrop) will occasionally manufacture them.

The main community for OLKBs can be found on /r/olkb.

The main parts of an OLKB consist of the PCB, case, top plate, switches, and keycaps. Switches + keycaps are the most user-customizable, though there are some options for cases in both form factor (mid-pro, hi-pro, lo-pro, eotw) and color. PCBs are pretty much a set thing, with the only difference being board versions, and can be programmed using QMK firmware.

At the time of writing, I own 3 planck keyboards which I rotate through on a weekly basis. 2 of the 3 use cherry mx tactile grey switches, and the other use Cherry MX Brown Switches.

All my keycaps are blank row 3 SA profile switches. One is a white PBT plastic, one is black ABS plastic, and the other is green ABS plastic.

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