My little now page.

Here's what I am doing/working on as of April 15th, 2022.

Lots and lots of reading and studying. Hoping to improve some tech skills of mine and generally be more employable. Recently completed the first 6 chapters of computer systems: a programmers perspecitve. Working my way now through the first half of The Algorithm Design Manual.

The new 7-inch eink setup works pretty well. I enjoy less glare in my life. Eink Lifespan and the screen's durability are my concerns.

Getting back into doodling notes in a moleskin with a grid. New pens are fun. Pen and paper is a very good medium for storing (as well as enabling) creative thought.

The arduboy toy game I was working on ended up being more troubel than it's worth. I'm not giving up on the medium entirely, but putting it aside.

Trying to think more about 1-bit art. In particular things that can be animated and/or interactive.

Studying Perry cook's waveguide model, which was implemented in Gnuspeech. Hoping to make my own flavor, controlled via gesture.

In general, thinking more about game design. I've started dipping my toe into Godot a little bit, and I'm trying to embrace the modern Web (browser) as a convenient distribution medium.

Listening to a lot of Palestrina.

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