My little now page.

Here's what I am doing/working on as of November 26th, 2022.

I am now employed. I have also moved.

Deep in thought about the notion of Gesture as it relates to sound and music. Both the concept, as well as the algorithm I've developed with the same name.

I am working on a new set of etudes and writings called Gestlings, which will feature patches controlled via gestvm, the successor to gest. Nothing too public yet.

I've always wanted the Grid to have a larger role in the work I do. Systems like monolith were built with Grid use in mind. Planning out yet another attempt to make this happen.

The mnolth project is the quiet successor to monolith. It contains several projects of mine lumped together in one place, such as sndkit, gestvm, btprnt, and kuf. There's also some initial live coding capabilities. Work on this will be limited to my current gesture projects.

Singing synthesis research is still happening, though I've broadened my scope to the general concept of computer performed lyricism in music.

Lots and lots of ink and paper.

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