My little now page.

Here's what I am doing/working on as of January 7, 2022:

I am unemployed. Looking for work. Sort of. But I think I need time off.

Working on a new Zettelkasten for research, called brain.

I am working on a redux of monolith called mnolth (link may not exist yet). I have learned from some of my mistakes. This will be new system moving forward.

soundpipe and sporth repos have been taken offline. long live sndkit.

A new etude series is developing, called bitlets(link may not exist yet). I am building a symbolic live coding language for the monome_grid called bitrune (page TBD). Bitlets will be an evolving system of symbols working together to make sounds.

There is slow progress on the candy crystal rainbow codex, as I migrate over to the new system.

Smaller homepage.

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