Monolith is the name of an interactive computer music ecosystem that I have written for myself.

Monolith is mainly a bunch of C components built to be controlled inside of a fork of s9 scheme. The s9 REPL is then set to spawn inside of emacs scheme interpretor. From there, the rest of the workflow is controlled via emacs as a live coding environment.

Scheme code can evaluate Runt code, which is then used to generate sound via Patchwerk.

Monolith is designed to be tightly coupled with the monome Grid and Arc hardware, as well as the griffin powermate. Multiple applications utilizing these peripherals can exist at once in Monolith using what are known as pages.

In adddition to sound, monolith has the ability to produce small bitmap graphics. H264 encoded video can be produced using libx264. This interface is notably used in the Breathing Cards series.

In addition to scheme, there are also language bindings to the Janet programming language. A local version of Janet is embedded in the monolith system.

Monolith source code is managed using a private Fossil repo, but a mirror of the code can be found on sourcehut.