mnolth TODO

mnolth TODO

A TODO page for mnolth.

refactor ft2play to be more portable

UUID: #6587d130.

It would be nice to get this usable enough to embed in mnolth. Also, it would be cool to wrap into a sndkit node.

2023-06-15 12:26:37: it's still very much reliant on global variables, which I'm hoping to gradually reduce.

2023-06-15 12:26:01: I've taken a first real stab at some refactorings today, and created a repo for it. It shouldn't SDL anymore, and I've removed the threading.

publish initial mnolth wiki

UUID: #b11012b6.

gfxbuf: consider reworking operations to implicity push gfxbuf data onto stack

UUID: #260dfe86.

the idea would be that this would yield cleaner looking code (current graphics code has a ton of dups, new version would instead only need one drop).

port gestlings tangler utility to mnolth

UUID: #cf4ad339.

the idea here would be to start including generated programs as part of the wiki

waveguide flute initial experiments

UUID: #fc58a993.

2022-11-27 14:29:38: there a FAUST waveguide model of the flute that I got working once in patchwerk/runt. I'd like to get this working again and make it compatible with mnolth.

make it possible to close macfont from janet

UUID: #2328eb7b.

consider porting mnolth build system to samurai

UUID: #306b66d4.

samurai is a simpler version of ninja. what's cool about it is that it can be embedded in mnolth itself. It would also encourage a more coherent build system, which I'd probably write in lua.

2022-11-27 14:25:52: it is likely an intermediate scripting language like lua will be required. The local version of lua would need to be built if this is the case.

2022-10-29 08:53:54: I want to see how easily samurai builds on OSX before I continue. It needs to be reasonably portable for me to consider switching.

make it possible to download tangled code snippets in mnolth docs

UUID: #70454694.

create some basic lua abstractions for mnort

UUID: #963c5f8d.

get scrambler into mnotil

UUID: #6b182b02.

make it possible to list all commands in mnotil

UUID: #fdcfc936.

get crossfade loop util working in mnolth

UUID: #f3c8799a.

monolith has a standalone utility called cfloop. it would be great to get that inside of mnotil.

implement anti-aliased line and thickline

UUID: #6780928c.


2022-04-01 12:52:18: this would be fun to add to mnolth instead of monolith

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