keywords: meta zet zettelkasten feedweewiki organization curation.

A metapage is a page that is dynamically generated, either from twtxt or from the weewiki zettelkasten.

This page aims to collect some of the various metapages on this wiki.

feed is an HTMLized version of my twtxt feed.

updates are updates that usually relate to the real world. twtxt.

links are interesting links that I find. This is generated from twtxt (for now).

create is a page for thoughts related to thinking about creating stuff. Generated from my zet.

meta is a page where I talk about stuff related to this wiki.

keywords is a page that dynamically generates a keyword index using the weewiki keyscrape command.

wiki_index generates a list of all pages on this wiki in one index.

halfbaked is a collection of halfbakedconcepts and ideas that I didn't put much thought into at the time.

food a list of baking/cooking recipes.

projects is a dynamically generated list of projects.

brainstorm various brainstorming ideas.

TODO a list of TODO items.

gamelog my adventures in gaming.

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