Gest TODO Page

Gest TODO Page

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A generated TODO page for gest.

use gest to morph between vowel states

UUID: #7796ed06.

formant synthesis or physical model, the idea is the same: use gest to morph between two vectors intsead of two scalars.

2021-07-23 20:55:12: gest doesn't need to allocate the vectors, it just needs to reference them.

brainstorm: best approachs for generative things in gest

UUID: #a374f64c.

ideally, it would be great for gestures to produce phrases on the fly, or to have some degree of randomness in how phrases are performed. initial thoughts go here.

2021-07-23 20:43:31: setting up the "next value in a phrase to be a callback instead of a value would allow some more dynamic on-the-fly things to happen. meta-phrases, such as the ability to choose between phrases would be good too. maybe something similar for targets? more thinking required.

add error correction and checking

UUID: #9a44852a.

there are no checks for drift in place, so drift will eventually happen with this implementation. first figure out the kind of errors currently being experienced, then strategize and implement some approaches to mitigate this for long-term compositions.

create behavior that mimics portamento, but is stateless

UUID: #739d9aa9.

not sure what to call this, but I need a behavior for melody that is almost a step, except that the last 10 percent of the note is a exponential ramp to the next target. Needed to mimic the natural glissando behavior of monophonic instruments.

2021-07-23 20:39:26: ended up implementing behaviors gliss and smallgliss. good enough for now.

create smoothstep behavior

UUID: #992eda23.

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