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Game Log

Messages in the gamelog group. These are related to videogames I am playing.

2023-03-04 13:39:05: I've gotten a nugget couch for myself. Finding it's a nice way to play GBA games. Put in about another half-hour of Metroid Fusion.

2023-03-04 13:37:59: OOT: I am in Ganons castle. Majora's Mask: I have discovered the monkeys. A good reference to Link's Awakening. Despite my hesitations, I find myself growing to like this game. It's hard to come up with something after OOT.

2023-03-04 13:35:04: yesterday, I got wii roms working via USB loader. took a lot of trial and error, as well as guidance hidden in various forums and websites with varying degrees of accuracy. gosh, for a minute I thought I was back in 2008 installing Linux.

2023-02-26 20:27:14: eternal darkness: spent a few minutes on this today. I went in completely blind, and had no idea what to expect. I'm still in the first level, and things feel like a point and click adventure at the moment. It's not exactly holding my attention at the moment, but I like the vibe of it.

2023-02-26 20:25:24: mario sunshine: played the first few minutes. the pacing feels weird... it takes too long to "wash out" a monster. the voice acting is weird, but Jen Taylor is Peach so that's cool.

2023-02-26 20:21:48: actraiser: actually gave it some time. it's starting to click now. really enjoying it.

2023-02-25 13:51:17: At some point, my childhood N64 had an expansion pak put into it. I discovered this accidentally when I tried playing Majora's Mask for the first time ever this morning. Very surreal and dark compared to OOT. Was hesitant at first, but I'm getting into it. This might be a good game.

2023-02-19 17:30:43: I've been indulging myself with Simpson's Hit and Run. There are so many much much better games for the GC I should be playing, but alas. Nostalgia strikes again.

2023-02-19 17:29:07: I forgot to mention: I played 10 minutes of Ecco the Dolphin on the MiSTer on I friday. I played this game on my RG350 months ago for about the same period of time. It's a really beautiful game. The music, the graphics, the procedurally generated sound effects. I have no idea what I'm doing in this game, but I'm loving it!

2023-02-19 17:25:35: made it to ganadorfs castle in OOT today. I'm proud of you for making it this far, Link.

2023-02-19 17:24:14: Dipped a toe into Actraiser for the SNES. I did not understand the interface, and had to look up how to get to the platform part. Once I got past that, it seemed pretty cool. I dig the music.

2023-02-18 14:43:21: Between the MiSTer, the N64, the GBA, and the Wii, I'd say I have a pretty massive potential library of games to check out with a "no emulation" kind of experience, spanning nearly 3 decades of gaming history. It's a little intimidating to think about.

2023-02-18 14:41:05: yesterday was also a quite notable, as I managed to revive an old Wii yesterday to play gamecube games on it via the Homebrew channel and Nintendont. Simpsons Hit and Run was the first game I tested (for nostalgia reasons).

2023-02-18 14:38:59: I've been told Metroid involves a lot of backtracking. Nothing encapsulates that more than in the opening parts (level? stage?) of Metroid for NES. Still a lot to learn and play.

2023-02-16 08:39:04: everyone has been telling me to play metroid, so this morning I played like the first 5 minutes of metroid fusion on my GBA. Love the graphics. Feels great to play so far.

2023-02-12 14:28:30: I'm ashamed to say I had to look up how to open the spirit temple boss door today. It turns out, I was very close. I fell from the platform the first time and the mirrors reset. It would have taken me a while to notice that.

2023-02-12 10:06:29: I have a big skew towards Kirby. I love the aesthetic of those worlds. I was thinking about the character design of Kirby. It's the bare-minimum, form-wise. One step up from pacman. In-game, Kirby is literally a "void" that is filled up by the colorful world they inhabit.

2023-02-12 10:03:40: more MiSTer experiments yesterday: dig dug (Arcade/MAME), Doom (rev1) on PSX, Bubble-Bobble port for the C64. I think I would have had more fun with the C64 if I had a better keyboard setup (and had more time to learn how to use the C64).

2023-02-11 15:48:52: I have now had my MiSTer for 3 days, and am slowly comprehending just how many games this enables me to play. It is a little overwhelming...

2023-02-11 15:45:53: I like the phrase "gamelog" because you can say it like how you same "gamelan", which makes me giggle. Also, if you read it as gameLAN it doesn't not make any sense.

2023-02-11 15:44:20: to recap: dark souls remastered (switch), link's awakening (trying to parallel play switch/GBC), Kirby's Adventure (NES), Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland (GBA), Bomb Jack (Arcade), Legend of Zelda: OOT (N64).

2023-02-11 15:39:10: At the request of my friend, I have started a gaming log. Here I will write about videogames I play.

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