The Fudge Log

The Fudge Log

I've been trying to make the perfect batch of old fashioned fudge. I'm too far in now to give up, so now I'm logging it all using the zettelkasten embedded in my wiki.

Any message that gets linked to the fudgelog group ends up here.

2021-12-31 11:53:55: trying to swirl in peanut butter into the batch of fudge I am making today.

2021-11-24 14:19:12: I have now created a recipe page for making old fashioned (fudge).

2021-11-24 13:08:27: new batch created today for extended family. I was a little worried because the consistency going into the pan to set was very liquidy. I was able to pour it mostly instead of scraping. Turned out excellent though.

2021-11-22 20:33:19: yes, this fudge is very very good. question now is: am I able to reproduce this success?

2021-11-22 12:57:32: oh dude. I just tried some of it. It has a better texture than the expensive professional fudge I got. I'm also using darker cocoa powder, so mine tastes much richer too (but that's always been the case tbh). This is very very exciting! Friggin finally.

2021-11-22 12:51:26: between now and tonight, it is possible the fudge will harden and change in texture. But I am optmistic and think this is a winner.

2021-11-22 12:50:08: Notable new factors here include: a new thermometer (which I calibrated), transferred to a new bowl for it to cool down in (to avoid graininess), and then using the kitchenaid mixer for 5 minutes on low instead of mixing by hand.

2021-11-22 12:48:01: New batch today. I think this is the best batch by far. It's only been in the fridge for an hour, but I cut a sample and the consistency looks perfect.

2021-11-18 20:21:41: I tried warming it in the microwave along with my own fudge today for dessert. It melted, and mine didn't! For whatever reason, the commercial fudge has a lower melting point. Maybe a hint as to the chemical makeup of it?

2021-11-18 20:19:50: commercial fudge came in the mail today. It wasn't quite as soft as I remembered, but the consistency is still a beaut.

2021-11-16 16:37:25: I have forgotten what the texture of successful is like. So, I am ordering professionally made fudge from a legit fudge store in my state.

2021-11-16 13:00:49: fudge has ended up on the chalkier side of things, but it is edible. The kitchenaid blender is the right way forward. I should have let the fudge cool to room temp in the kitchenaid bowl rather than in the pan.

2021-11-16 09:27:46: the idea here is to try using the kitchenaid mixer to beat the fudge instead of doing it by hand. this also means transferring it to another bowl, which I've read you're supposed to do to avoid mixing in crystalized fudge.

2021-11-16 09:26:51: fudge last night turned out too sticky. resetting today. My digital thermometer I've been using to take temperature seems broken, the display is funky. I have another digital thermometer, and an infrared thermometer. Everything is giving me very different readings.

2021-11-15 16:37:49: here's the thing I don't get: I've noticed that the cooling pattern starts from the center and goes outwards. I don't understand why it works like that. Is there some law of thermodynamics that could explain this?

2021-11-15 16:36:48: it's been setting now for about 4.5 hours. it's still pretty glossy and sticky, though there seems to be some firmness.

2021-11-15 16:36:09: after cooling to 110 precisely, I stirred for 7 minutes in the pan. In retrospect, I realized that it would probably be a better idea to transfer to another bowl before mixing. My last batch was a tad too grainy.

2021-11-15 16:34:41: Second batch was made shortly after binning the first batch. This was brought to 234.5ish before before abruptly turning off the heat. I noticed that the temp went up to 235, maybe even 236.

2021-11-15 16:33:07: today's batch: did not look closely at initial temp, it went to 238, 4 degrees over the target. so I scrapped it early. I knew anything at that temp wouldn't be worth eating or even salvaging. Do not abandon your post when bringing fudge to temp!

2021-11-15 16:30:19: I've made so many fudge attempts, I figured I should start making a fudge log. Reasoning is 1 part science, 2 parts fun.

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