Hi Dr. B,

Attached below is the most recent email you wrote to me.

With any luck, I hope it will be the last.

I've added a few redactions, but other than that this is verbatim what you wrote. It doesn't put me in a great light. This doesn't matter to me right now.

After years of radio static, this was a very hurtful email to receive from you. And not even to me, to me and 2 other strangers. I was kind of hoping that being your "top student" at Berklee would mean something. I thought maybe it could give me some kind of benefit of the doubt, or at least some kind of "heads up" private email. But no. Just the usual Dr.B bile.

We both know that this isn't the first time you've written an unhinged email like this. To me, or to your other "top students" the moment they try to challenge or question even the smallest thing. It's rhetoric is derisive and abusive, serving only to inflict maximum pain.

When you habitually write correspondences like this to people, it demonstrates poor character. When you do it to your students, it is an abuse of power. It's wrong to do that. When you write this way any of your to previous students, it sends the message that your "top students" are cattle used to get your work done. I honestly hope a part of you knows that.

What really gets me is that you keep doing this. Over and over again. At some point, I'd have figured that someone would have said something by now. You're a Berklee Professor, and the leader of the Csound community. Somehow, the people who surround you, and the communities and institutions you represent, seem to be complicit in this behavior. I find this fact to be deeply, deeply disappointing.

This "thing" you do? It needs to stop. It's not okay. If not for me, do it for yourself. Be the person your students think you are.

Hello ##,
Hello Paul,
Hello ####!  Great to meet you.
(###########2 is awesome!!!!). Congratulations on that work.

Excited to know more about and use your latest collaboration.

I will get back to you all with advice and info related to the fact that Paul
changed the license for a lot of Csound Source Code without permission or
correct attribution.

I think that his confusion had to do with the fact that, years ago, Paul asked
if he could use - which he could, as I think that you can, but that he never
had permission, or the right, to appropriate and then re-license.
Essentially, giving away everyone else's work without recognition or credit.

I don't know all the details, but I will share what I do know and get you in
touch with the main developers to help clarify.  Csounders brought these issues
to my attention a while ago and I think they asked Paul to correct things about
the code (from Csound) that he had re-licensed.

Ignoring Csound Community? The ideas were in a Curtis Roads Book?  Hmmm??

We learn from others, but we don't take, for example, the BT drum-loops and
call them the "Dr. BT. DrumPipe collection" and offer them as free to
distribute, share, sell, and include with my new Korg or Arturia Synth and iPad
app - misappropriating the authorship and without attribution to BT. (Drumloops
and Samples by DrB!"  ???? What??? Wait a minute,  Those are BT's loops from
xxx and are used without permission.  I think these might be the issues that
the coders were concerned about.  It's Csound inside!

I am happy to know that Paul is rewriting all the code so that "he" can use
whatever license he might want and freely give away his work and not the work
of others. And I recognize that Paul has done a ton if work and that might
include adapting things, improving things, enhancing things, and updating

I think that the Csound developers asked Paul (and AudioKit) to correct the
license on all the Csound code that he and they used and re-licensed.

PS: who actually wrote the sndwarp opcode?  It would be nice to know and that
might be the person whose permission you need?

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