Convergence refers to state inside of a creative software ecosystem where all software works simultaneously to create a single thing.


In my creative software ecosystem, all my tools converge around SQLite.

Computer music is composed using runt/scheme via Monolith. Monolith saves presets and state data to SQlite. This is the first point of convergence.

runt/scheme code made in monolith can be written as a literate program via org. For scheme code blocks can be evaluated in realtime via org-babel. Worgle can save data to a SQLite file. This is the second point of convergence.

SQLar is a utility that stores files inside of a SQLite data as an archive. The third point of convergence.

Fossil is a source code versioning system. It saves data to a SQLite database. This is the fourth point of convergence.

WeeWiki saves content to a SQLite databse. The fifth point of convergence.

With data all stored in a single database, there is great potential for crosstalk. This could most likely happen inside of WeeWiki, due to the scripting environment made.

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