A sporthling is a small snippet of sporth code, typically used to produce a generative composition or sound object.

Sporthlings are my compositional etudes. I try to make as many as I can, as fast as I can, as often as I can. The more I make, the better I understand what Sporth is supposed to be.

This page is a gallery of some of my notable sporthlings, complete with it's code, resources, and a short audio snippet.

In addition this page, I also maintain a Youtube Playlist which contain extended renderings of the Sporthlings below.
000: Bones
001: computer on the phone talking to his Mother
002: Oatmeal
003: the minions r comin tho
004: Machines at Work
005: Midnight Crawl
006: Density
007: Play With Toys
008: The Waiting Room
009: Drippy Nose
010: in seven
011: rusty Spoon
012: Diode
013: djambe
014: here have some computer music you jerk
015: (Back when) the wheels could turn
016: endless shores
017: Congested Dragon
018: earfloss
019: do electric dreams sheep of androids?
020: dependence day