Sporth (SoundPipe fORTH) is a small stack-based audio programming language.

Compile the latest version here.


Why Sporth?

For composers, Sporth is a different approach to making sound. Stack based languages are somewhat novel in the world of musical languages, and lend themselves well to modular sound design scenarios. Sporth syntax is simple to learn, and rewarding to master. Sound designers and composers fluent in languages like Csound, ChucK, and Supercollider will find Sporth a new and refreshing take on the same basic concepts.

For developers, Sporth has a simple API that allows it to be used inside of other applications. In addition to compiling Sporth code, the API has access to other features of Sporth that would otherwise be unavailable, such as audio-rate software channels, and user defined function callbacks.

Things Using Sporth


The Sporth Cookbook

The Sporth Cookbook is the comprehensive text on Sporth. In addition to an introductory chapter on Sporth, it also contains several thoroughly documented patches for more advanced sporthers.


In the project folder, ugen_reference.txt is a mini reference for all the ugens in Sporth, with names, arguments, outputs, and a brief descriptions. When you install Sporth, a shell script called "ugen_lookup" is installed as well. To look up what 'tenv' does, run the command "ugen_lookup tenv". ugen_lookup also excepts any regular expressions supported by grep.


Most of the ugens in Sporth exist under the same name in the Soundpipe library, which has much more thorough documentation of each module.