Interesting links I find.

[8540bed0] 2022-07-02-08-43: Linus Torvalds' personal fork of microemacs:

[8423e8ae] 2022-07-02-08-43: twee editor.

[d1dcea35] 2022-07-02-08-43: BrachioGraph: the cheapest, simplest possible pen-plotter

[8901326b] 2022-07-02-08-43: Observations on 6 years of journaling.

[43c0fa84] 2022-07-02-08-43: C xor C++ Programming: This document enumerates instances where the same source code has different meaning when compiled with C and C++ implementations. CtZvYaVC0hEF2D00ZAd0o/mobilebasic

[c98bbe7c] 2022-07-02-08-43: Making the Master System a Master of Speech y-master.html

[2f7a7007] 2022-07-02-08-43: Writing like a pro with vale and neovim /

[8984a9bd] 2022-07-02-08-43: Semiotics (also called semiotic studies) is the study of sign processes (semiosis), which are any activity, conduct, or process that involves signs, where a sign is defined as anything that communicates something, usually called a meaning, to the sign's interpreter.

[e5375e83] 2022-07-02-08-43: NEC UHD 55" professional display. maybe an alternative to getting TV? (nothing smart please).

[c899093a] 2022-07-02-08-43: An open source implementation of WaveNet vocoder

[278987d7] 2022-07-02-08-43: Portable OpenBSD ksh, based on the Public Domain Korn Shell (pdksh).

[c9f87952] 2022-07-02-08-43: FXT: a library of algorithms.

[0532f1ef] 2022-07-02-08-43: Why didn't Gandalf own a Colt .45? -own-a-colt-45

[f8b2b000] 2022-07-02-08-43: Hyperphysics: musical instruments .html#c1

[be048a8c] 2022-07-02-08-43: Katapayadi system of numerical notation is an ancient Indian alphasyllabic numeral system to depict letters to numerals for easy remembrance of numbers as words or verses.

[0055e439] 2022-06-03-20-32: A audio IO library in pure Rust. might be a good thing to use with the Rust DSP library I am working on.

[cab517e4] 2022-06-03-20-32: Bugs that the rust compiler catches for you.

[670121be] 2022-06-03-20-32: NPT: ANSI common LISP written in C.

[1d738c8d] 2022-06-03-20-32: Wikipedia page on Binomial Coefficients. I ran into this while reading (TADM) and didn't know what it was. Still grokking.

[ed8756db] 2022-06-03-20-32: The Cornell Guide to Bird Sounds: United States and Canada.

[ff823823] 2022-06-03-20-32: how timely to find an article on how birds listen to birdsong. birdsong has been a point of interest for me recently.

[2bd70bad] 2022-06-03-20-32: clairnote SN is an alternative music notation system that aims to "make music easier to read and understand". Personally it does not look all that better, but I am willing to glance it if it makes certain relationships and symmetries stand out more in analysis.

[e887f8a5] 2022-06-03-20-32: what looks like an excellent write-up on the mechanisms of a mechanical watch. complete with interactive diagrams.

[efd33033] 2022-06-03-20-32: Donald Knuth Was Framed. (interesting opinion piece about LP, web, and the infamous Mcllroy story).

[088107be] 2022-06-03-20-32: Breakdown and Analysis of bytebeat music in "Steady On Tim, It's Only A Budget Game"

[c5d1933c] 2022-06-03-20-32: xilum: an architecture for UI in Rust. (Blog post by author providing an overview).

[00b7de54] 2022-06-03-20-32: Unix command line conventions over time. Early 1970s, options, long options, the GNU project, double dash, subcommands.

[7454e15f] 2022-06-03-20-32: Code the classics vol 1: book that contains anecdotes from game developers of the 70s and 80s, as well as reimplementations using python and pygame zero.

[975981ce] 2022-06-03-20-32: Learn X in Y minutes: Pascal. Brushing up on this to study TeX and Metafont.

[29ea5884] 2022-06-03-20-32: a guide to getting started with embedded systems

[ab3413e2] 2022-06-03-20-32: one true awk: the version of awk described in The AWK programming language by Al Aho, Brian Kernighan, and Peter Weinberger (Addison-Wesley, 1988, ISBN 0-201-07981-X).

[534f792f] 2022-06-03-20-32: goawk: a POSIX compliant awk interpretor written in AWK, with CSV support.

[5eb886ee] 2022-06-03-20-32: midpoint ellipse algorithm on SO.

[77336cfb] 2022-06-03-20-32: pinenote: linux eink tablet by pine64. comes with stylus. seems to have a form factor like the Remarkable.

[b8e9f8ee] 2022-06-03-20-32: m5paper is a hackable 4.7 inch eink touchable eink display powered by esp32.

[6aa13f72] 2022-06-03-20-32: an open source e ink paper development board

[f6c7647b] 2022-06-03-20-32: A simple hash for Perlin Noise (code and explanation).

[06f6a061] 2022-06-03-20-32: SILE: Simon's improved layout engine. Seems to be an alrernative to TeX

[8967323c] 2022-06-03-20-32: litestream: streaming replication for sqlite.

[bdf651d0] 2022-06-03-20-32: cron-based backup for SQLite.

[02b4d615] 2022-06-03-20-32: "When FFI Function Calls Beat Native C". Found in HN discussion about FFI benchmarks, which is discussed this post. Specifically, it asks why LuaJIT performed better than C in the benchmark tests.

[5bfc65ab] 2022-06-03-20-32: string machine: virtual analogue string synthesizer, based on a digital model designed by Peter Whiting.

[e7e35083] 2022-06-03-20-32: "Diagrams, gestures and formulae in music" by G. Mazolla and M. Andreatta. This was mentioned to me while I was rambling about Gesture Mastodon. I don't understand the math, or really what this paper is about, but it looks intetesting.

[eb70260f] 2022-06-03-20-32: nandgame: build a computer starting from basic components.

[138461d0] 2022-06-03-20-32: The Rust Borrow Checker - a Deep Dive

[dec2fabe] 2022-06-03-20-32: HarmonKit: additive synthesizer written in Clojure, Overtone, and SC. Apparently uses CSPs. Created by Richard Hickey

[c333b90b] 2022-06-03-20-32: Clojure core.async by Richard Hickey

[8f19a800] 2022-06-03-20-32: libcsp is a high performance concurrency C library influenced by the CSP model.

[7acf4b4b] 2022-06-03-20-32: Collection of atari fonts, stored in PNG format.

[3d796f22] 2022-06-03-20-32: We use BobX

[b18075cc] 2022-06-03-20-32: Common libraries and data structures for C.

[ada6136b] 2022-06-03-20-32: Communicating Sequential Processes.

[e165e409] 2022-06-03-20-32: VoCore: Coin Sized Linux Computer.

[00154a36] 2022-06-03-20-32: modos paper laptop: laptop with eink display.

[6bd3d3bc] 2022-06-03-20-32: A lock-free, concurrent, generic queue in 32 bits

[4fb7e8dd] 2022-06-03-20-32: How I think about C99 strict aliasing rules

[2cd8e0cd] 2022-06-03-20-32: Chimpanzees produce diverse vocal sequences with ordered and recombinatorial properties

[5264eb5d] 2022-06-03-20-32: Donald Knuth on work habits, problem solving, and happiness

[cf7deee8] 2022-06-03-20-32: well made vegan shoes

[2ffa3ce5] 2022-06-03-20-32: Book review: The Little Typer

[af230b1c] 2022-06-03-20-32: engineering resources: list of resources about building software.

[0115d6f8] 2022-06-03-20-32: axidraw minikit v2. compact DIY kit edition.

[eaa20f81] 2022-06-03-20-32: Rust: A Critical Retrospective

[be3c7819] 2022-06-03-20-32: "Strand" is an open-source implementation of the identically named parallel Prolog dialect as described in the book "Strand: New Concepts for Parallel Programming" by Ian Foster and Stephen Taylor

[b1b2e181] 2022-06-03-20-32: microfleng: a low level concurrent logic programming language descended from Prolog. Also has backend suppport for Uxn.

[86d12865] 2022-06-03-20-32: Zettelkasten, Linking Your Thinking, and Nick Milo's Search for Ground

[233848ed] 2022-06-03-20-32: lisp koans.

[710b5161] 2022-06-03-20-32: cool book from 1500s. some fun sketches

[2fcce9d2] 2022-06-03-20-32: Multiplications and 2 additions are faster than 2 additions. TODO: try to understand this.

[10da0c2f] 2022-06-03-20-32: Cistercian numerals. numerical counting system where each glyph can be a value from 1 to 9,999.

[f496c16c] 2022-06-03-20-32: web audio modem. perhaps a way to study web audio stuff? there seems to be code snippets.

[a81f287d] 2022-06-03-20-32: TorToiSe is a text-to-speech (TTS) program which can mimic voices given 2-4 examples. It is composed of five separately-trained neural networks that are pipelined together to produce the final output.

[7b9bff9b] 2022-06-03-20-32: unu: simple, literate source files.

[e038f0b4] 2022-05-04-09-46: Human Readable Alternatives for UUIDs (Stackoverflow Post). Some useful links in the comments.

[8506e734] 2022-05-04-09-46: A lightweight arch-based distro that runs without privelges inside of a chroot within any other linux distro.

[116b8d04] 2022-05-04-09-46: JWEB: a modern, simplified implementation of the CWEB system of literate programming.

[4e394c3f] 2022-05-04-09-46: Listen and Learn: a beginners guide to identifying birdsong.

[d0b861f6] 2022-05-04-09-46: Singing frogs! Very cute.

[86b9fcb6] 2022-05-04-09-46: Procedurally generated pixel patterns with minimal syntax

[17654739] 2022-05-04-09-46: Proquints are identifiers that are readable, spellable, and pronounceable. (Implementations in Java and C).

[7880cf3f] 2022-05-04-09-46: A proposal for Proquints: Identifiers that are Readable, Spellable, and Pronounceable. (Wilkerson, 2009).

[c308d2f3] 2022-05-04-09-46: A wikiwiki clone, written in Awk!

[286cd35d] 2022-05-04-09-46: NN-512 is a compiler that generates C99 code for neural net inference. Not exactly sure what that means at the moment, but I was really compelled by the website and the project when it popped up in the HN comments section.

[c14ba9d5] 2022-05-04-09-46: LISP implemented in Conway's game of life.

[1cef710d] 2022-05-04-09-46: "The Computer Scientist Who Can't Stop Telling Stories" (Donald Knuth)

[f5aeecc2] 2022-05-04-09-46: A tiny subset of Skia, ported to Rust.

[83614386] 2022-05-04-09-46: 8-bit chip and system emulators in standalone C headers.

[012ea4e7] 2022-05-04-09-46: How Not to Learn Rust.

[255321f8] 2022-05-04-09-46: "Steerable Discovery of Neural Audio Effects" by Steinmetz and Reiss.

[39a94323] 2022-05-04-09-46: HiFi-GAN is the underlying neural neural net used for speech synthesis in Larynx.

[931fab72] 2022-05-04-09-46: Larynx is an end-to-end text to speech system. Wonder how hard it is to set up?

[05dadfb2] 2022-05-04-09-46: heirloom provides traditional implementations of standard Unix utilities. Wonder how it compares to things like busybox, sbase, etc.

[b2375f99] 2022-05-04-09-46: Another screen from waveshare. 7-inch Full-HD display with HDMI in. Also there's a nice-looking enclosure. haven't purchased it, but it looks pretty reasonable.

[dbbe9e25] 2022-05-04-09-46: A annotated list of programming books by Dan Luu.

[538a9df1] 2022-05-04-09-46: A blog post on the speech synthesis technology employed by Casio. Contains some useful links.

[32519166] 2022-05-04-09-46: List of CS lectures with videos.

[0a10a437] 2022-05-04-09-46: Rust for embedded C programmers.

[4582b796] 2022-05-04-09-46: Integer hash function. At some point, I was needing one of these for a tiny project (bitrune perhaps?). I think I just ended up using modulo. Could be worth revisiting, if the idea of making symbolic notation systems with bitpatterns is still interesting to me.

[3468833b] 2022-05-04-09-46: HN thread: how to become good at system design? Some helpful answers.

[9ae8d588] 2022-05-04-09-46: WFC is a C implementation of the wave-function-collapse algorithm which can produce varied tilsets from a simple input.

[ca21be66] 2022-05-04-09-46: I believe this uses waveguides to produce cat sounds. Have not actually tried it, but I like the idea of it.

[6a38421c] 2022-05-04-09-46: A implementation of OpenGL 3.x-ish in clean C.

[215fc6b3] 2022-05-04-09-46: Frama-C is a static analyzer of C code.

[38935f0d] 2022-05-04-09-46: How to bitbang 9600 Baud RS-232 on the C64. I just find thinking at this level to be so cool. I'd love to find more creative opportuntities to use this headspace:

[d25f3869] 2022-05-04-09-46: A book I found while searching for "3d math", a job requirement for the audio programmer position at naughty dog. I fouind the book first, then the online version here.

[480afe9d] 2022-05-04-09-46: A tutorial on building an OS in Rust. It seems to be well structured, breaking down things by topic. Could be worth looking into for my rust studies.

[867653fb] 2022-05-04-09-46: Minimal Binary Boot: a minimal binary seed for booting. looks like it boostraps a forth.

[d949ce87] 2022-05-04-09-46: C portability Lessons from Weird Machines. This pops up on HN occasionally, and I quite like because it showcases how the promise of C portability is kind of an illusion.

[c54b9538] 2022-05-04-09-46: Explaining The Virtual Machine. It turns out SQLite has a special virtual machine to process SQL statements. This blog posts covers a bit about the VM and how the virtual machine, and the process of converting statements into sqlite bytecode.

[d828cef8] 2022-05-04-09-46: An atari speech synthesizer for the AT2600. Could be worth studying and possibly adapting.

[27c4edce] 2022-05-04-09-46: Software Automatic Mouth: another implementation of SAM (I believe it's the same), based on speech software published in 1982 by Don't Ask Software.

[598a4049] 2022-05-04-09-46: Chipseech by Plogue. A collection of vintage speech synthesizers. This product page has a bunch of useful information on it.

[3061f02e] 2022-05-04-09-46: 7.8 inch e-ink display with HDMI in. I purchased this actually and am currently using it as my main display (Am used to workflows with tiny screens).