Soundpipe now has 41 Csound opcodes


I have just pushed the latest and greatest of Soundpipe to master. The 0.3.0 release now has 64 modules, all of which have been documented with examples. Out of those 64, 41 of those modules are ports of Csound opcodes. Porting opcodes to Soundpipe is very exciting for me, because it allows me to get the sounds of Csound without actually needing Csound. It also means there are potentially 41 Csound opcodes that I can slip into my own small music language Sporth.

I've created a list of all the Csound ports so far, with links to both the Csound documentation and my own Soundpipe documentation:

Soundpipe module Csound opcode
allpass alpass
atone atone
bal balance
biquad biquad
butbp butbp
butbr butbr
buthp buthp
butlp butlp
clip clip
comb comb
dcblock dcblock
delay delay
dist distort1
drip dripwater
dust dust
eqfil eqfil
fofilt fofilter
fosc foscili
gbuzz gbuzz
gen_line GEN27
gen_sinesum GEN10
gen_xline GEN25
jitter jitter
lpf18 lpf18
metro metro
mode mode
moogladder moogladder
osc oscili
phasor phasor
pluck repluck
port portk
posc3 poscil3
randi randi
reson reson
revsc reverbsc
rms rms
streson streson
tbvcf tbvcf
tone tone
vco vco
vdelay vdelay