Orb is a musical 2d puzzle game, designed primarily for Android devices.


1. Propel

Propel the Orb (the circle) and move it around. This is done by poking the Orb in the direction you want it to go. If you poke too quickly, Orb will run out of oxygen and you will have to wait for to reinflate before propelling again.


2. Collide

Collide into squares in the space.


3. Turn off

Turn off any "on" squares (filled in squares) by colliding into them. This will change them into the "off" state (stroked squares).

Turn off

4. Toggle

Any time a square gets turned off, it can toggle the state of other squares, on to off, and off to on. The rules for these are determined for each level.


When all the squares have been turned off, you will ascend to the next level. And so on, and so forth...

Sound and Music

The soundtrack to Orb is synthesized entirely in realtime. There are no audio files used. The synthesis is done using Soundpipe. The audio components conist of the following:


The graphics are done using NanoVG, a small anti-aliased 2d vector graphics library built on top of OpenGL.


Right now, Orb must be compiled from source.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5