Starting up Monolith

Starting up Monolith

This is the workflow I use to start up Monolith.

Start up emacs, open up an ansi-term (this I have mapped to a keyboard shortcut).

Go to the monolith folder and start jack. (I have a "run_jack" script included with this repo that's configured to work with my USB audio DAC).

Open up setup.el.

M-x load-file, then hit enter twice.

While in the setup.el buffer, hit s-q. This should start the s9 scheme REPL with monolith in it. Use this shortcut to jump to the REPL.

Run some commands:

(monolith:load "ugens.scm")
(out (sine 440 0.1))

With any luck, some sound.

Live Coding with Org Documents

Live coding is possible using org-babel. Loading setup.elshould add some keybindings.

An org document running monolith scheme code should have the following property header:

#+PROPERTY: header-args:scheme :results silent :noweb yes

To eval a block of scheme code, put the cursor into the block and run C-c C-c.

S-p will toggle play/pause.

If a run function is defined in scheme, it can be executed using C-space.