Monolith + Norns.

Broad strokes for now.

First, establish a cross compiler using the buildroot norns image. The repo for this can be found here

Ideally, the cross compiler should be visible in the PATHS variable.

After that, certain dependencies need to be manually built. This includes: soundpipe, runt, patchwerk, SQLite3.

After those have been built, monolith can be built. Monolith supplies a special config file called

Use it with:


Then run make. With any luck, it should build.

The monolith binary can then be transferred to the norns. If the scheme interpreter is to be used, s9.scm must be transferred as well.

Janet is the preferred language to use on the norns, but it is possible to use scheme as well. The scheme image must be generated first. Make sure s9.scm is copied over and in the same directory as the monolith binary. Then, run monolith mkimg. This should generate a file called monolith.image. A scheme REPL should then appear when you run monolith without any arguments.