Knobs is a great way to get a ton of knobs, providing you only need to adjust a maximum of 4 at a time.

More on this later.

A page can be created with monolith:knobs-new

(monolith:knobs-new "k")

Helper function in scheme can be found in knobs.scm:

(monolith:load "knobs.scm")

Every value can be read from Patchwerk via the "knobsval" runt word. In scheme, there is a corresponding knobsval function which wraps this word up.

It takes in the following args: lane, x, y, and name.

lane is which of the four lanes, and x and y is the position local to that. name is the page name.

This will output a value between 0 and 1.

(knobsval 0 0 0 "k")

The implementation for the knobs page can be found at knobs.c

More to come later...