ftables, or Function Tables, is a term borrowed from MUSIC N and the Csound, used to describe fixed-lenth floating point tables, often used by things like table lookup oscillators. Presumably, the "function" aspect may come from the fact that these tables were often allocated then put through a function to do things like generate sine waves.

Ftables are a data structure defined in Soundpipe, and are often abbreviated as ftbl in code, and in C have the struct name sp_ftbl.

GEN Routines

GEN routines are another throwback term found in MUSIC N and Csound. These are things that take in csound

TODO Making Ftables

TODO Gen routines

gen_sine loadwav, etc.

TODO UGens that take ftables

oscf, osci, fosc, fmpair, tabread, trd, etc.

Getting ftable size/duration

The runt words tblsize and tbldur get size and duration, respectively.

tblsize returns the length of the ftable in samples, while tbldur returns the length of the ftable in seconds.

Retrieving table values

tget sets an ftable.