Expcurve creates a normalized exponential curve (0-1) from a linear input (0-1), with variable steepness.

The formula used is:

(exp(x * log(s)) - 1) / (s - 1)

Where x is the input value, and s is the steepness. If s is less than or equal to 1, it will return the input signal.

The following runt code uses expcurve to modulate a rampling LFO (generated via phasor), transforming it from a linear ramp to an exponential ramp.

patchwerk nodes

0.3 0 phasor
4 expcurve
300 500 scale
0.5 sine

"out.wav" wavout bdrop

sr 10 * _compute rep

This is best generated using monolith runt expcurve.rnt.