1. Overview

Kuf is a library for procedurally generating tesselation patterns stylistically similar to square kufic calligraphy.

Kufic is a style of arabic script often used for Quran transcription and architecture. Square Kufic is a style that reduces the form to tessellation patterns that reside on a square grid. Square Kufic is a more abstract form of Kufic, usually used in more decorative and artful contexts.

The goal of Kuf is to provide a set of helpful tools for generating asemic Kufic. There is no intention to add features for any Arabic script, or any real writing system for that matter. Kuf is aesthetics only.

There are two parts to Kuf. The first part is building a system that can generate patterns that are technically correct Kufic patterns. The rules for "valid" Kufic patterns are simple, so this is a bounded problem. The second part involves generating aesthetically correct patterns. This part builds on the first part, and aims to try and improve results. Aesthetics are an unbounded problem, and to make matters more complicated, it is often a subjective full of contradictions here. Kuf will humbly try to navigate this world and come up with some simple strategies for reasonble looking output.

With that out of the way, on to some constructs.

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