Weewiki is split up into components.


weewiki_core is the core weewiki program. It includes the CLI as well as all the functionality needed to do basic wiki-ing, such as adding/removing pages, HTML export, and syncing.


weewiki_janet handles all the Janet integration weewiki. Janet is a LISP like language that is embedded in the weewiki project.


weewiki_server is an interface that spawns a tiny HTTP server. It is intended to be used to quickly preview weewiki documents without having to export HTML.


weewiki_keyscrape implements a wiki keyscraper. This program will parse every wiki document, and look for every keyword surrounded in equal signs (the code formatting flag in Org markup). It will return a tab-delimitted table to standard output with each word and their location.


weewiki_zet implements a zettelkasten that can also be used as a microblogging platform (in a similar vein to twtxt).


weewiki_crate is a small abstraction that aims to connect SQLar with the zet.