The Loom

The Loom

The Loom is a collection of small literate programs, woven to HTML output.

btprnt is a 1-bit graphics library. code. wiki page.

txtvm is 6.5-bit stack-based virtual machine utilizing a printable ASCII character bytecode system. code. wiki page.

weewiki is a small wiki engine. It uses SQLite as a backend, Org as a document markup language, and Janet as an inline scripting language. code. wiki page.

orgparse is a limited org parser written in ANSI-C, and is what weewiki uses to parse documents. code.

worgle is a self-contained org tangler used for literate programming. code. wiki page.

trigvm is the underlying engine that powers the trig page in monolith. code. wiki page.

seqvm is a virtual machine used to create musical sequences in a digital modular synthesis environment.

gest is a gesture sequencer.

kuf is a library for creating generative square kufic calligraphy.

bitlang is a small stack-based DSL for making procedurally generated 1-bit art.

gestvm is a gesture sequencer controlled via a virtual machine (Uxn).