You awaken to an incomplete world called Cauldronia, a celestial body drifting about in a birthing universe.

You find yourself at the Depths of the deep sea floor. It is far away from the comforts of the Gestletree.

In front of you is a heavy door of bronze and marble with mysterious writing over the top. It creaks open ever so slightly. Bright white light emits from the cracks.

A tiny clump of a creature scampers in your direction, and closes the door like a refrigerator. As it approaches, you notice that there are clumps of dust and twigs over its body.

Surely, this must be a Gestling?

The critter-that-could-be-a-Gestling looks at you and shrieks: "We're not ready yet!".

It scurries back towards the door. It must be in a hurry.

The door is once again opened, releasing more beams of light. It is quickly shut, but not before some of the rays hit you.

Fragments of things begin to form in your mind.

A strange welcoming comittee of singing blobs:

A Spiral Mechanism Salesman?! Huh.

A bouncy someone named junior telling you about a poem they learned at Camp Gestletree.

Junior also wrote a letter home: