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[c98bbe7c] 2022-07-02-08-43: Making the Master System a Master of Speech https://nicole.express/2022/let-me-show-you-the-sound-of-m y-master.html

[e3e74e5a] 2022-06-29-06-24: glance at lu/smith 1999 paper

[39a94323] 2022-05-04-09-46: HiFi-GAN is the underlying neural neural net used for speech synthesis in Larynx. https://github.com/jik876/hifi-gan

[931fab72] 2022-05-04-09-46: Larynx is an end-to-end text to speech system. Wonder how hard it is to set up? https://github.com/rhasspy/larynx.

[538a9df1] 2022-05-04-09-46: A blog post on the speech synthesis technology employed by Casio. Contains some useful links. http://sandsoftwaresound.net/casio-speech-synthesis-technology/.

[ca21be66] 2022-05-04-09-46: I believe this uses waveguides to produce cat sounds. Have not actually tried it, but I like the idea of it. https://experiments.withgoogle.com/feline-synth.

[d828cef8] 2022-05-04-09-46: An atari speech synthesizer for the AT2600. Could be worth studying and possibly adapting. https://github.com/rossumur/SAM2600.

[27c4edce] 2022-05-04-09-46: Software Automatic Mouth: another implementation of SAM (I believe it's the same), based on speech software published in 1982 by Don't Ask Software. https://github.com/s-macke/SAM

[598a4049] 2022-05-04-09-46: Chipseech by Plogue. A collection of vintage speech synthesizers. This product page has a bunch of useful information on it. https://plogue.com/products/chipspeech.html.

[1e8e708a] 2022-04-05-15-50: study gnuspeech TRM

[84c8c21e] 2022-02-24-11-08: this is apparently the reference used in praat's articulatory synthesizer. It seems very comprehensive and quite a bit more involved than the waveguides I've worked with.

[7f017a2b] 2022-02-23-14-58: this appears to be a CLM model of perry cook's vocal synthesizer: https://ccrma.stanford.edu/courses/220b-winter-2002/lectures/9/examples/singer.ins

[3a9a6026] 2022-02-23-14-58: vocsyn will be stuff related to vocal synthesis.

[c0eef67b] 2021-12-21-20-07: articulatory inversion: the process of taking acoustic data and converting it back into vocal tract shapes.