Rust Log

Rust Log

A log of various messages in my zet tagged rust.

[0055e439] 2022-06-03-20-32: A audio IO library in pure Rust. might be a good thing to use with the Rust DSP library I am working on.

[cab517e4] 2022-06-03-20-32: Bugs that the rust compiler catches for you.

[c5d1933c] 2022-06-03-20-32: xilum: an architecture for UI in Rust. (Blog post by author providing an overview).

[138461d0] 2022-06-03-20-32: The Rust Borrow Checker - a Deep Dive

[eaa20f81] 2022-06-03-20-32: Rust: A Critical Retrospective

[f5aeecc2] 2022-05-04-09-46: A tiny subset of Skia, ported to Rust.

[012ea4e7] 2022-05-04-09-46: How Not to Learn Rust.

[0a10a437] 2022-05-04-09-46: Rust for embedded C programmers.

[480afe9d] 2022-05-04-09-46: A tutorial on building an OS in Rust. It seems to be well structured, breaking down things by topic. Could be worth looking into for my rust studies.

[2c36dcc4] 2022-04-21-06-20: I could imagine a DAG structured, combined with a mechanism similar to Rust lifetimes, could produce a system that makes graforge style patches from a graph.

[0caa9c32] 2022-03-23-09-07: create a rust project without git: cargo new --vcsnone projectname=

[824aaf88] 2022-03-21-13-22: study glicol codebase

[3d8317af] 2022-03-15-06-23: note to self: chapter says if generics were used, any type could be used. Does that mean they all have to be the same type? Or can there be multiple types? Thinking ahead about my needs for my Rust DSP stuff.

[37a0dce6] 2022-03-14-13-13: beginning to think I should be building two rust projects simultaneously: a DSP library, and a small stack-based language that can be used with the DSP library like Sporth.

[8c9c6e74] 2022-02-05-20-30: seems like a Box is how I'd want go about allocating things like buffers.

[037aefd1] 2022-02-05-14-46: "violation of memory safety"

[46c4e62b] 2022-02-05-14-45: does rust make implicit calls to malloc (or equivalent)? thinking about realtime performance. does one have to be mindful of this?

[5c367ac9] 2022-02-05-14-40: finished reading about lifetimes in chapter 10, thus concluding chapter 10. circling back and reviewing.

[2197880c] 2022-01-31-14-17: lifetimes: a generic in Rust that ensure that references are valid as long as they are needed to be.

[191ab8cb] 2022-01-31-14-14: blanket implementations: implementations of a trait on any type that satisfies the trait bounds.

[9e4d3468] 2022-01-31-14-11: trait bound: a special form in Rust that is used when traits are parameters. It's a long form, and often there's synactic sugar for it "impl Trait".

[9348ce70] 2022-01-31-14-08: traits apparently are like interfaces in other languages, not that I use many high-level languages. But I do seem to recall Go having something called interfaces that were very similar to Traits.

[28c5f9a0] 2022-01-31-13-52: Rust traits seem very much the thing to use if I want to implement something similar to the node interface I wrote for graforge in C.

[35649cf0] 2022-01-31-13-49: it's interesting to know that there's no performance overhead in using generics. I've heard that compilation times are slow though, so I wonder if there's a penalty there?

[e6513dac] 2022-01-31-13-44: I guess "impl" was used already in chapter 5 when implementing methods in structs. I clearly have forgotten that already.

[da18bfe2] 2022-01-31-13-43: Generics in Enums are a little bit strange to me. I'm really used to C Enums. Giving them types all of a sudden confuses me.

[0f569073] 2022-01-31-13-36: The generics chapter is a pretty meaty chapter. Found my way up to lifetimes, and thought it was a good time to review and re-read my scribbles.

[9b810c9b] 2022-01-11-15-11: to look up items in a module tree, rust employs both relative and absolute paths. absolute is done using a crate name or the literal crate. A relative path starts from the current path and uses self, super, or an identifier in the current module.

[b103efb5] 2022-01-11-15-07: modules nest. huh. interesting.

[4370bd89] 2022-01-11-15-04: create a new library restaurant: cargo new --lib restaurant.

[35e30f3c] 2022-01-04-15-08: officially started my rust journey yesterday with the rust book. thankfully, my Alpine system was able to use the latest Rust builds just fine. No glibc issues, probably because they embed or don't use it.

[558bf9d9] 2021-12-06-15-40: created a rust group, to talk about the general topic of the rust programming language.