A list of logs.


meta: things related to the software for this wiki/zet.

glossary: logs tagged with the glossary label glkjhdrfl-raal-hosa-qhir-oqpklosossij. Raw data for an actual glossary someday?

TYCS_logs: logs for (TYCS).

rustlog: logs related to the (rust) programming language, and probably the (rustbook).

focuslog: logs related to the (focuschips) time system

SICP_logs: logs related to (SICP).

logs: general stuff.

How to add pages

To add pages to this list:

Make sure the zet has an entry to the wiki page.

zet pages | grep page

If it doesn't, make a new page entry (at the moment, duplicates can exist so watch out!)

zet mkpage page

Add a blurb. This is just a variable called "blurb", but zetdo has a nice abstraction for it.

$ zetdo blurb \!page
say: your description here. (ENTER)

Link the page to the logpages group.

zet link \!page @logpages