Speech Production and Speech Modelling

Speech Production and Speech Modelling


A 1990 collection of articles edited by William J. Hardcastle and Alain Marchal.

I am particularly interested in this to learn more about articulatory synthesis.

Section 1: Physiological Framework

Might be good to look at, but physiology only is so interesting to me.

Section 2: Coarticulation

Only two articles here.

Section 3: Models of Articulatory-Acoustic Relationships

This is the meat of what I'm interested in.

Articles that are specifically interesting to me:

Ariticulatory Synthesis by Celia Scully

Articulatory-Acoustic realtionships in Fricative Consonants by Christine H. Shadle

Articulatory-Acoustic Phonetic Relations and Modelling, Regions and Modes by R. Carre and M. Mrayati

Section 4: Theories/Models of Articulatory Organization and Timing

"Speech as Audible Gestures" is one that sticks out to me, because of the word "Gesture"


Any messages tagged with the label hardcastle_SPASM. [30bea9ef] 2022-01-24-17-33: next chapter I'll be skimming: articulatory-acoustic relationships in fricative consonants. like before, I'll be reading and scribbling notes, then writing my thoughts.

[8d58f872] 2022-01-24-17-32: also, the writing was very dry and research-y. if this is what it's going to be like generally, this book is going to be a slog.

[2b91ea75] 2022-01-24-17-31: finished the general chapter on articulatory synthesis. it turns out, AS can be quite analogue with no computers involved. it can also be purely about analysis: breaking speech into physiological components. so, good background, but not immediately helpful for my musical needs.

[79f51a01] 2022-01-11-15-26: diving into articulatory article. I've been taking notes, will probably transcribe into this zet after I'm done read-skimming this.

[c9333f81] 2022-01-11-15-16: Just flipped to the articulatory synthesis article by celia scully. scully, in 1990, was ad the department of linguistics and phonetics at the University of Leeds.