Focus Chips

Focus Chips


Focus Chips a tactile approach to time management. The main idea is to use counting chips to represent a fixe unit of of time (15 minutes) focusing on a task. After that time period is up, the chip goes into a bowl. The reasoning behind using a system like this is having a physical representation of time. Focus is also a finite resource, so chips can be thought of as a kind of currency.

"Focus Tokens" was a considered for a name initially, but NFTs kind of ruined the word token.

Chip Colors

A color coding system is loosely enforced.

Blue: research. Reading papers and textbooks and general learning. There are 8 tokens (the goal is 2 hours of research time a day).

Yellow: creative work. Composing, creative coding, critical listening, etc. There are 4 tokens (1 hour). Tool-building shouldn't count here, even if it's for music.

Red: "maintenence" work. Updating TODO lists, writing tools.

Determining the color of a task is highly subjective.

Time Tracking

Hoping to build a logging system with this zet that will be a daily log of the chips used. A message could like: 3 blue, 2 red, 1 yellow. This would then get parsed and put into stats.

Focus messages can be made using the "u/focus" command:

$ u/focus
say: 4 blue 3 red 2 yellow <ENTER>