2015-2017 MA, Music (Music, Science, Technology) Stanford University 2010-2014 BM, Electronic Production and Design, Berklee College of Music

Work Experience

2018: Microsoft Research Contractor.

2017: Microsoft Research Internship.

2016: Research and Development, QuBit Electronix.

2014-15: Systems Administration Intern, Safari Books Online.

2012: Tutor at Berklee College of Music for Audio Programming, Max/MSP, and Csound.

Open Source Contributions

ElectroSmith Daisy (2019-2020)

LMMS (2017)

LMMS stands for Linux MultiMedia Studio. It is a cross-platfom digital audio workstation (DAW) for making electronic music. For LMMS, I implemented a Sean Costello reverberator as a native LMMS plugin. I also have made efforts to simplify the audio plugin development process for native LMMS plugins.

AudioKit (2015-2017)

AudioKit is an iOS audio framework for synthesis and analysis. For AudioKit, I ported Soundpipe/Sporth to AudioKit, and helped to port STK plugins directly to AudioKit

Csound (2015)

Csound is one of the oldest musical programming languages still active to this day. I implemented the Paulstretch opcode, based on the the extreme time stretching tool by Paul Nasca Octavian.

Faust (2014)**:

FAUST is a function language for audio DSP that transpiles to C, C++, ASM.js, and others. It is capable of writing to several standard plugin formats, including VST, AU, LV2, LADSPA. I updated the faust2csound script and architecture file for Csound 6.0, which targets Csound opcodes.

Qubit Electronics (2012)**:

Assisted in the firmware development for the Qubit Nebulae: a Raspberry Pi and Csound Powered Model. I also did contract work and helped them build templates for PD.

Notable Software Projects

Sndkit (2020-present)

A static wiki of portable DSP algorithm implementations written in ANSI C using a literate programming style.

WeeWiki (2019-Present)

A portable static wiki generator and zettelkasten system.

Worgle (2018-Present)

Monolith (2018-Present)

A live coding environment for audio synthesis, with tight integration with the Monome Grid and Arc.

Patchwerk (2017-Present)

A small and simple library in ANSI C for creating efficient DSP chains.

Voc (2017)

A vocal tract physical model written in ANSI C in a literate style. Based of of Pink Trombone by Neil Thapen.

Runt (2016)

Stack based language and virtual machine.

LSYS (2016)

Microlanguage for producing L-Systems (Sporth Ugen).

ChuckSporth (2015)

Sporth bindings for Chuck.

Sporth (2014-2018)

Stack based language for Audio.

Soundpipe (2014-present)

Small Music DSP library in C.

ChuckSound (2013-15)

Csound bindings for Chuck.

Prop (2014-16)

Microlanguage/notation system for proportion based rhythms.

EtherSurface (2013)

Android-based musical instrument. 10,000+ downloads.

Sound/Instrument Design and Composition

Microsoft Hands-Free SoundJam (2017)

Music Composition and Performance Environment

Orb (2017)

An interactive musical composition and puzzle game for Android.

Contrenot (2016)

Digital Musical interface based on musical affordances of upright bass.

Soli (2015)

Musical prototype for using Soli device by google ATAP. Selected to be part of Soli alpha developers program, and was featured at Google IO 2016.

Muse by BT (2014)

Interactive music software for the Leap Motion. Designed and programmed sounds in Csound and PD.

Chrysalis by Chelsea Southard (2014)

Interactive installation which premiered at First Night Boston 2014. Provided sound design and Raspberry Pi programming.

PixelPi by Paul Batchelor and Christopher Konopka (2013):

Generative composition and installation built for the Raspberry Pi, centered around image sonification from a webcam. Premiered at the 2013 International Csound Conference in Boston

Bubble (2013):

Interactive and generative composition for networked raspberry pi computers and monome controller. Final project at Berklee College of Music.

AudioVisual Works

The Candy Crystal Rainbow Codex

The Breathing Cards


Fuzzy C-means clustering and sonification of HRV features



Batchelor, Paul. "ChuckSound: A Chugin for running Csound inside of ChucK" Proceedings of the Third International Csound Conference, The Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, St. Petersburg, Russia, pp. 60-66 (978-5-89160-124-6).

Batchelor, Paul. Wignall, Trev. "BeatlePi: An introductory guide to Csound on the BeagleBone and the Raspberry Pi, as well as other Linux-powered tinyware." Csound Journal, Issue 18, Summer 2013