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[gifepifeu] figure out how PRC is doing vocal tract analysis (2 points)

2022-06-29 10:57:50:

In the case of Lu, the tract filter was only designed for finding solutions to open vowel states. Things like velum were not included.

2022-06-29 10:56:34:

It's some kind of LPC, there's a specific name for it. I believe Lu also talks about it. PRC uses the term "section peeling". It's a recursive strategy. There are papers it references.

2022-05-12 09:50:57:

I found the section and read about it a while ago. There was some recursive approach involving LPC. I think. I'd like to find it again and try to better grok it.

2022-03-15 09:42:21:

from what I've read, I think it has something to do with LPC, which he talks about a little before. Will need to look at it again.

[goarkrwri] create outline of Degottex thesis (0 points)

[gkdffhkko] create outline of mullen thesis (0 points)

[gwoehifsr] brainstorm: strategy for tackling problem sets? (0 points)

2022-04-30 05:57:11:

many textbooks, like (TAOCP), have answers. which is interesting. This tells me the nature of a problem set doesn't necessarily mean to work until you find the correct answer, or even an answer. Perhaps thinking about it long enough is a okay if that's all you can muster.

2022-04-30 05:55:38:

got that urge to put some time into problem sets. I feel like I'm missing some intuition with some of these later chapters in (TADM).

[gadfjoaer] get simple example working for musixtex (0 points)

2022-06-18 07:38:06:

it would be nice to get this working on KerTeX eventually.

[gihfkdpdk] zetdoc: make it possible to clear gtags and make ones (0 points)