Weekly Updates?


This week, I find myself wanting to blog again.

I am currently what would be called in polite company as "in between jobs", and have decided that the best path forward is to stay between them for an extended period of time. My hope is to use this time to focus on a few projects and ideas I've been carrying in my head over the past few years. Or, as someone diplomatically put it: "Paul... is going to do his own thing for a while..."

I have moved, and now am in a living situation that will allow me to subsist off my savings for a while. By my calculations, I have about a year.

The hope is to invest my time and focus on a few projects with common themes in the general ballpark of music, computers, and gaming, with the idea that I'll pick up some incidental skills that will help make me more employable (or at the very least, give me more confidence in applying to jobs).

So, this blogging thing. I'm hoping to use this as an opportunity to write weekly updates. In these updates, I'll provide a brief overview of how the week went. If I'm talking about latest the developments in some of my projects, I'll do my best to describe those things in plain english, and leave all the juicy jargony detail to external links and my personal wiki.

For friends and family: this aims to be a virtual beacon. Let's face it: what I'm doing is crazy. It feels crazy. This will be my way of checking in and letting everyone know I'm doing okay.

Well, that's our show for tonight. Until next week...