Kubus: a minimalist audio visualizer


I'm quite happy to share my very first OpenGL project called Kubus. Here is what it looks like:


Kubus is a minimalist audio visualizer, written in C/C++. It essentially maps the audio buffer to a grid, which can create some really interesting lo-fi patterns. It also can do FFT analysis, as well as sibilance and RMS detection. More info can be found in the README on the github page.

I am pretty happy with this turned out. Kubus was an assignment for class, so it finally gave me an excuse to look at OpenGL. As it turns out, OpenGL 1.1 isn't as difficult as I pegged it to be, especially for doing the simple 2d animations that interest me. I also figured out that you can write GL code in C without writing a line of C++ code. This makes me very happy.

Kubus also gave me a chance to use some Soundpipe code and explore FFT libraries for Soundpipe. I am hoping to get some FFT-based effects into Soundpipe very soon!

I am pretty excited about how well GL seems to work. I'm hoping to o wander down this path a little more to explore more ways to create audio-visual compositions and toys.

Oh, I also figured out how to get Cairo and GL talking together, but that is for another blog post.

More projects are on their way...